Primetime Guide for November Sweeps 2008


Primetime Guide To November Sweeps 08

It’s a couple months into the fall season and some shows have been picked up for the full season (yay 90210 fans) and some shows have been axed (buh bye Ex List). Some shows are on their last legs. Pushing Daisies is filming its 13th episode of the season and has yet to be picked up. If you are a fan, contact ABC. Jericho fans resurrected their show so it can be done.

Rumor has it that someone else will die this season on One Tree Hill. The death will occur during the episode written by Chad Michael Murray. Will Dan die; I don’t know…I just don’t think I can take another death after Q’s. Did you know that someone will have a bun in the oven? That’s what sources say…but they won’t reveal who. Personally I hope that Jamie gets a brother or sister soon. Isn’t he the most adorable kid on TV? For Brooke fans, she will confront her attacker in what is being described as a very scary episode.

Thank goodness Kristen Bell has returned to Heroes. Or Villains, I just don’t know who is good and who is bad anymore. Make sure you watch on November 10th as several storylines will be tied up and many secrets will be revealed including the truth about Claire’s mother. Do you want to know just how bad the Petrelli family really is? Like I said, watch November 10th on NBC.

On Grey’s Anatomy Melissa George joins the staff at Seattle Grace. Her name is Sadie and she is the bisexual BFF of Meredith. Did the two ever have a relationship? No one is saying anything. Returning to the ABC hit is Kevin McKidd or Major Hottie as he is known. How long will he be staying…tune in to find out.

Want the gossip on Gossip Girl? We are lucky enough to see our favorite Upper East Siders for 25 episodes instead of the standard 22 episodes. Two weeks ago, the CW ordered two more and they just added another for a total of 25. But let’s move on to more important things. Blair’s birthday is coming up, I wonder what present Chuck has for her. Blair meets her mother’s new boyfriend, played by Clueless’ Wallace Shawn (whom I adore). Let’s just say Blair doesn’t like him nearly as much as I do. Meanwhile, Serena and her new beau, Aaron continue to get closer.

Fox’s Fringe is quickly becoming a cult classic and who can blame them! In the upcoming episodes Olivia and Peter have to rely on their exes for help. Talk about awkward. Word is that one of the main characters will get kidnapped in the first week of December…

Just the good ole boys, never meaning any harm. This may have been true in 1979 when John Schneider was Bo Duke but in 2008 that line has a whole new meaning. ABC has cast John Schneider as a congressman on Dirty Sexy Money. Schneider is one of those good ole boys who will try to bring harm to Simon..

On the heels of the success of 90210 is word that they might be a remake of Melrose Place. But really, can anyone really take the place of Amanda Woodward or Kimberly Shaw? I don’t think so.

ER will be closing its doors after 15 years and NBC is bringing back some heavy hitters this season. On November 13, look for Doctor’s Greene, Romano and Weaver to pop up on your screen. Shane West also appears for a limited run as well as Courtney B Vance. Things are never quiet in the ER and look for Neela to get upset at Dr. Banfield and for Sam to get very frustrated with Gates. I know when this series ends I will be crying my eyes out. And I am still holding out hope that Dr Ross and Carol will come back, but no word yet.

CBS’ The Mentalist is the highest rated new series this season so far and I can see why. Simon Baker is doing an amazing job as Patrick Jane. During sweeps we will learn even more about Red John and the killer of his daughter and wife. This series could be the breakout hit of the season…

The Walker family on ABC’s Brothers and Sisters can they ever catch a break? I seriously doubt it. They finally put the subject of Ryan behind them when lo and behold; it ends up staring in their face again. Nora and Kitty go out to look for Ryan in a memorable road trip while baby Elizabeth ends up in the hospital. It just doesn’t stop for this family.

Finally, I know you all are dying to hear this — 90210 news. They too are getting at least 24 episodes this season. Real life turns into reel life when Brenda and Kelly reach the breaking point in their friendship. We may even see the claws come out with these two! I feel like I am back in 1990…and apparently I am not the only one when Silver throws a sleepover and secrets are revealed (remember Kelly telling about her first time? Or Andrea confessing that she was a virgin? Loved it!) Annie celebrates her Sweet 16 and I have to wonder if one of her presents is her and Naomi’s half brother Sean. Josh Henderson (Desperate Housewives) joins 90210 as Sean, Tracy and Harry’s son. As for any romantic relationships…well, Ethan may be left out in the cold when both Naomi and Annie look elsewhere for love.

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