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AMC Spoilers: Week of November 24

Reese learns more of Bianca’s past; A fundraiser is held at ConFusion.

A Gala Affair

Bianca stands up to JR for attacking Amanda. She confides in Reese that she killed Michael Cambias, her rapist and father to Miranda, in self defense. The two later help the women of Fusion prepare for a fundraiser at ConFusion. All of Pine Valley is there, including Natalia and Rebecca. Frankie can’t understand why Angie is there with Natalia and Rebecca. Randi argues with Frankie about his treatment of Rebecca and Natalia. Amanda has a change of heart and decides not to help David. She changes her mind again and insists that she is the one calling the shots. Adam and David enter a bidding war for Erica’s hand. Reese wonders how she will fit into Bianca’s life in Pine Valley. Annie shows up at the fundraiser and it is clear that she has gone completely over the edge. Annie is out of control…and someone will pay.

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A Woman Scorned

Annie tells Ryan that she knows Ryan loves her as much as she loves him. A guilty Aidan confesses to Greenlee.  Annie and Greenlee come face to face. Tad convinces Aidan not to give up and to have life saving surgery.  Annie hides out in Wildwind where she becomes more and more delusional. She fantasizes about hosting the perfect Thanksgiving dinner with Ryan, Zach, Greenlee, Aidan and Emma as her guests.  Ryan, Greenlee and Jesse rush to Wildwind after figuring out where Annie is.  They find that Annie is gone and an injured David. Ryan blames himself for everything that has happened. Meanwhile…Annie makes a dangerous plan.

Pine Valley Happenings…

David is getting under more than one person’s skin….Jesse encourages Angie to open up to him about the Rebecca situation…JR apologizes to Amanda.  The two end up having a close moment and almost come close to kissing….Brot refuses to see Taylor, much to Colby’s dismay.  Taylor and Jake continue to grow closer…Zach doesn’t get the news he was praying for.  Reese reaches out to Zach.

Coming Soon: Week of 12/01…

Ryan has a difficult time ahead of him when it comes to Annie. Frankie tells Taylor and Jake the truth about Brot.  Taylor comes face to face with Brot and he pushes her away.  Greenlee wonders if she and Ryan will ever be truly happy. Zach confides his secret in Reese.  David is the bearer of bad news.   A grieving Krystal reaches out to David.  Adam issues a warning to Amanda.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: All My Children will re-air the first episode of the recent tornado storyline on Thursday, November 27 (ALL MY CHILDREN #9982 (original air date 10/17/08)). AMC will be pre-empted on Friday, November 28. Regular episodes will resume on Monday, December 1.

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