Open Letter to ‘All My Children’ Head Writer Charles Pratt


An Open Letter To Charles Pratt
TVSource Magazine news editor Trish Mahon pens an open letter to All My Children head writer, Charles Pratt Jr.

Dear Mr. Pratt,

I am writing this letter to thank you. Thank you for giving us All My Children back. Over the last several years, All My Children has had its ups (Kendall faking a pregnancy for Bianca, the love story of Zach and Kendall) and it has had its downs (Dixie dying by a pancake, Greg and Josh Madden). It still survived. We had characters that we loved and we saw quite frequently, Erica Kane, Zach Slater, Tad Martin and Kendall Hart Slater. We had characters that we loved but rarely saw, Palmer Cordlandt, Opal Cordlant and Joe Martin We had characters that we really didn’t like and we saw way too much of. We had the return of veteran characters like Jesse Hubbard, Angie Hubbard and Greenlee Smythe and new characters like Randi, Reese and Natalia. All of this has made me fall in love with Pine Valley again. Except for one small thing. You are almost perfect…almost.

Let’s start with the tornadoes. A simply amazing storyline that encompassed everyone. Mass chaos ensued and major storylines started and others ended and they ended in a nice little bow. It was way past time for Babe to die. Her death brought fan favorite Vincent Irizarry back to Pine Valley. Irizarry’s David is at his best when he is hell bent on revenge. Of course, winning Krystal back over Tad and Adam will be a nice prize for the good doctor as well. Pairing David with Amanda to exact revenge on JR is a brilliant move. Those two are smoldering hot together. Please Mr. Pratt, keep them together for a little while as you will win over lots of fans!

The Return of Binks! Pregnant Binks! I never would have thought that the Baby Daddy would be Zach. When Zach found Bianca with Spike and Ian and a badly damaged Kendall I have to admit my heart broke. Of course a baby has to be born during a tornado. In November. In Pennsylvania. But it’s Binks so it’s ok. When Zach held Gabrielle high in the air, I have to admit that the theme from Jesus Christ Superstar ran through my head. Having Greenlee figure out that Zach is the baby Daddy is brilliant. Another bone of contention between Kendall and Greenlee in the never ending war between the two frenemies. Speaking of Kendall, Jake operating on her during a tornado storm without a generator at the ready in case something happens…well that’s ok because Reese is coming in the form of Tamara Braun! Too bad Reese is a lesbian because she has some amazing chemistry with Zach as well as Bianca. Great casting with Tamara Braun. She is doing some amazing work. I would love to see her go one on one with Kendall in a battle of wills. In fact…How about a quad with Binks/Reese/Zach/Kendall?

How much do I love Annie right now? The kidnapping plot has been a fantastic trip. The fact that Aiden is in on it made my jaw drop. Seeing Aiden shoot Annie was brilliant. I am so happy that Annie and Aiden are behind this. Ryan pisses me off because he always gets the girl and always wins in the end. He is the Pine Valley Hero. He needs to be brought down a notch or two or ten. Melissa Clare Egan looks like she is having a blast playing Annie right now. When one is happy with their job, it shows. And I think she is doing her best work ever on the show. Please keep writing Annie like this. Bringing Di back, even for a short visit was a great idea. She is Annie’s friend and Aiden’s ex and it works. I am just sad that the kidnapping will end soon.

Jesse’s Other Girls! Who would have thunk it? Jesse has been gone for twenty years and has a 19 year old? No wonder why Angie is so pissed off. She did the math. When Jesse signed the consent form to operate on Natalia, the look that Angie gave him! Debbi Morgan can slay dragons with a flash of her eyes. I love the casting of Laura Koffman as Rebecca, Natalia’s mother. Rebecca is resigned to her fate and Jesse being there for her and Natalia is both heartbreaking and hopeful. I really don’t want Rebecca to pass away, I love her! I can definitely understand Angie’s feelings towards the situation and I love that she and Krystal are friends. It’s rare that you see many girl friends on soaps so it is refreshing to see the two women go out for drinks and vent their frustrations.

I have one grip and it’s a big one. Please stop forcing Taylor and Jake down our throats. It’s not working. They aren’t Harley and Gus. What may have happened on Guiding Light isn’t happening on AMC. I care about Jake because he is tied to the community. Plus, Jake had an exciting relationship with Amanda that was filled with fun. It was light and flirty and I sorta fell in love with them. Taylor is NOT working. She knows Frankie, who hasn’t been on the canvas very long and that’s it. Unless you want to include Brot who has been on the canvas five minutes and I really like him and Colby together. I watch soaps because of the characters and storylines that I love. When a character gets shoved down my throat and in particular breaks up a couple that I love, I will never accept the character. Cut your losses and cut Taylor. Just keep Jake and Brot please.

So thank you Mr. Pratt. Thank you for bringing back some history. Thank you for connecting us to the present. Thank you for giving us back All My Children.

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