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AMC Previews: Week of November 10


AMC Spoilers: Week of November 10

Taylor and Jake continue to grow closer.

AMC Spoilers: Week of November 10

BY: Trish Mahon

Saturday, November
8, 2008, 5:50 PM

The Aftermath

Taylor continues with her physical therapy. She is slowly letting her guard down around Jake.  She starts to feel her legs after a physical therapy.  Jake and Taylor celebrate. Frankie sees Brot.  He has an emotional reunion with Brot.  However Brot feels that he should be dead. Jake continues to push Taylor with her therapy and the two bond even more. Randi urges Frankie to talk about the war. Frankie is torn, should he tell Taylor that Brot is alive? While Brot watches Taylor work with Jake, his heart breaks as he notices the closeness between the two. Colby finds Brot after he falls.  Jake plans a romantic surprise for Taylor.

Zach returns from Canada after leaving Kendall at the medical facility.  He tells Bianca that she was still unresponsive.  Zach heads to the casino and takes his anger out by destroying what is left of his office. Reese offers to help Zach with the casino.  He agrees.  Reese and Bianca decide to live in Pine Valley permanently. Erica moves into the Chandler mansion as the Yacht Club is destroyed.  When Reese goes to the casino, Bianca is overwhelmed.  Erica hires some help as Bianca is taking care of Spike, Ian, Miranda and Gabrielle. Reese confides in Zach that her parents disowned her when she came out.  Bianca is shocked.  Bianca asks Reese why she never told her about her parents.

The Search Continues

Ryan figures out where Annie is.  Aidan tries to convince Ryan to investigate by himself.  Ryan refuses and Aidan knocks him out. Greenlee finds Ryan.  Aidan finds Annie at the beach house and the two discuss how they got there.  Ryan is suspicious of Annie.  Once alone, Annie tells Ryan that she believes she knows where Emma is. The two head there in a small plane.  Unfortunately, the plane is leaking fuel in midair.  Greenlee thinks that there is something going on with Aidan. Ryan shares his suspicions of Annie to Aidan.  Ryan decides to play on Annie’s feelings for him. He realizes that his suspicions were correct.  Annie’s schemes take an unexpected turn.

Pine Valley Happenings

Jesse and Rebecca reminisce about their past which Angie sees.  Frustrated, Angie vents to Krystal and Jesse overhears.  Jesse wants Angie to be honest with him.  Angie admits that she is so angry that he lied to her for so long.  She doesn’t want to share him with Rebecca. Jesse professes his love for Angie.  The two end up in each others arms. Amanda can’t believe that David seems interested in her. JR takes Little A to the hospital and refuses to have David examine him.  Erica surprises Jack. David has a proposition for Amanda.  Everyone observes a moment of silence for those who were lost in the tornadoes. JR is tempted to drink.

Coming Soon: Week of 11/17

Ryan and Annie continue to search for Emma, even though Ryan believes Annie is somehow behind it.  He confronts her with his thoughts.  Amanda and David plot against JR.  Amanda pushes JR to the brink.  David refuses to let her stop.  Colby offers Brot to come to the mansion and she urges him to tell Taylor he is in Pine Valley, alive.  Bianca contacts Reese’s parents.  Greenlee clashes with Erica at Fusion. Krystal turns to David.

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