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OLTL Previews: Week of December 15


OLTL Spoilers: Week of December 15

Tea’s confident she’ll win Todd’s freedom.


OLTL Spoilers: Week of December 15

Saturday, December 13, 2008, 5:45 PM

Llanview Happenings

Tea Delgado is everywhere this week. First she drops a bomb on Nora’s plans to avoid a trial, when she crashes Todd’s arraignment and persuades the judge to allow him to enter a different plea.  Blair warns everybody that Tea is a predator that inhabits the numero uno position on the food chain, and they better not take her lightly.  Nora recovers and persuades the judge to deny bail, but Tea counters by persuading the judge to set an immediate trial date, confident she knows how to win Todd’s freedom.  Back in his cell, Todd’s dreams of another one of his victims (also named Margaret) reflect his current situation. 

Meanwhile, as she prepares to go on the attack for Todd, Tea finds time to intervene on legal proceedings to deport Vanessa and Lola to Colombia.  Although Cristian tells Vanessa he loves Sarah and he cannot marry her to prevent her deportation, once in front of a judge, he makes an impulsive decision.  After Tea steps in to help Vanessa and Cristian, she makes a cryptic phone call.  Antonio doesn’t believe Cris when Cris says he’s in love with Vanessa.  Sarah makes it clear to Vanessa she’s not just giving up on Cristian.

Later, Marty gets a few jabs at Tea in when she confronts her for defending Todd, but Tea turns the tables and goes straight for the jugular like the predator she is when she serves Marty up like a Christmas goose on the witness stand at Todd’s preliminary hearing.  Blair and Marty have a heart to heart about Todd, but Blair can’t help noticing John’s concern for Marty.  Cole is left battered by the day’s events.  John McBain gets his turn on the hot seat as well.

Rex has a wee Wii problem. He really wants to makes Shane’s Christmas wish come true, but wishes don’t buy Wii’s and Rex is flat broke.  Rex refuses a handout from Santa Bo, but considers desperate measures. Rex, Gigi and Shane join the citizens of Llanview as they gather in Angel Square to see Santa Bo light the Christmas Tree.  Marcie’s spirits are lifted when she holds baby “Chloe”.  Natalie is dying of curiosity about Jared’s Christmas gift to her. 

Tess pretends to be Jessica to persuade Brody to help her escape so she can see her girls.  Brody agrees if “Jessica” will sleep with him.  Tess becomes furious with Brody when she discovers he played her.

Coming Soon: Week of 12/22

Star takes the stand against her father. Rex comes clean with Gigi. Tess proves to be no match for Bess. Starr is a thorn in Tea’s side. Jared asks Clint a very important question about his future. Tea clearly has her own agenda. Todd is in despair over losing Marty. Dorian comes through for Rex. David returns to Llanview a changed man.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: OLTL will re-air the 9/29/08 episode in which Brody loses touch with reality, Clint’s plan ins threatened when Cole grows suspicious of him and Michael and Marcie wish things were different.

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