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AMC Previews: Week of December 15


AMC Spoilers: Week of December 15

Greenlee and Jake commiserate over their loneliness.

Does Reese Swing Both Ways?

Reese confronts Bianca for going behind her back and contacting her parents. Bianca presses the matter and goes to see Reese’s father, who tells her the story of how Reese became estranged from her family. Bianca is stunned to learn that Reese had been engaged to a man. Bianca questions Reese about her broken engagement. Reese tells Bianca that she didn’t feel alive until she met her. Reese attempts to ease Bianca’s insecurities when Bianca questions her prior relationships with men. Breaking news alert – Erica Kane warns Reese that if she hurts her precious Bianca in any way, Reese will have to answer to her. An upset Bianca demands to know Zach & Reese’s secret. Reese & Zach admit to Bianca that Kendall is dying.

Ryan’s Not So Happy Ending

Greenlee and Jake commiserate over their loneliness. A drunken Jake urges Ryan to go to Greenlee. Ryan lurks at ConFusion. Greenlee saves the day for Ryan with Emma when she remembers her angel wings for the child’s recital. Aidan sneaks in to see Annie. Aidan tells Annie attacks Ryan when he brings by a photo of Emma. Annie has a meltdown insisting to Ryan that her father lives down the hall at Oak Haven. Ryan is concerned about Annie’s deteriorating state. Annie says Ryan is a bad person. Annie is being secretly videotaped.

Elsewhere in Pine Valley…

Everyone pays tribute to Myrtle. David pulls Krystal in for a kiss. Amanda subtly pushes JR to drink, but he stands strong. Angie walks in on Frankie and Randi bumping uglies. Ryan thinks Kendall is waking up when she has an involuntary muscle spasm. Brot is investigated for impersonating a dead soldier by the military police. Krystal gets behind the wheel after consuming a friendly cup of David’s special eggnog. Greenlee discovers nude photos of Randi on the internet and pulls her from the campaign. [Editor’s note: Those websites aren’t exactly workplace friendly, Greenlee! What are you doing searching them on the job?]

Coming Soon: Week of 12/22

Zach hopes for a miracle. Ryan and Greenlee act on their feelings. The jig is up when Krystal realizes David has been drugging her. Annie escapes from Oak Haven. Amanda pushes JR off the wagon.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: AMC Re-Airs 10/21/08 Episode on Christmas Day in which Zach comes through for Bianca, Jake has dire news about Kendall, and Jesse shocks Angie with the truth about Natalia.

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