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AMC Spoilers: Week of December 8

Reese is awe of Zach’s love for Kendall.

Pine Valley Happenings

Jesse stops Annie from strangling Aidan. Jesse is suspicious of Aidan. Aidan offers to take a lie detector test and he passes with flying colors. Ryan and Greenlee help Emma put up Christmas decorations. Greenlee leaves before the two give into their desire. Jack tells Ryan that Greenlee will always love him. Jake is devastated when he hears Taylor and Brot discuss their love. Greenlee and Jake discuss their rotten luck with love. Brot passes out from an infection and is admitted to the hospital. Taylor finds an engagement ring from Brot. Taylor challenges Brot to tell her that he doesn’t love her. He leaves. Brot and Jake get stuck in the elevator and Jakes tries to convince Brot to stay for Taylor’s sake.

Reese is awed by Zach’s love for Kendall. Reese and Zach are looking for a Christmas tree when they get caught in the snowstorm. Zach apologizes to Reese for burdening her with the truth about Kendall, but they still keep the secret from Bianca. Reese’s father comes to town and she has an awkward visit with him. Reese confronts Bianca about contacting her parents. Randi opens up to Frankie. JR punches Jake when he insults Amanda. Aidan pretends to be a patient at Oak Haven.

An Early Christmas Miracle

Jesse, Rebecca and Natalia discuss past Christmases together, making Angie feeling left out. Angie gets word that Cassandra will not be coming to Pine Valley for the holidays. Rebecca collapses. Jesse and Natalia beg Angie to resuscitate Rebecca even though Rebecca signed a DNR form. Angie eventually brings her back.

David tells Angie that because she violated the DNR order, she will have to face the ethics committee. Angie informs Natalia that she will have to take Rebecca off the respirator because of the DNR order. Natalia accuses Angie of wishing Rebecca dead. Natalia comes to terms that her mother will be taken off life support. Jesse, Natalia, Angie and Frankie say their goodbyes to Rebecca. Miraculously Rebecca wake up and vows to fight for her life.


Krystal reaches out to David again. A drugged Krystal questions her marriage to Tad and David is right there with a shoulder for her to cry on. David is pleased with himself. Tad searches for Krystal and finds her at the cemetery. She doesn’t tell him that she saw David. During a snowstorm, Bianca and Krystal end up at Wildwind. David drugs some milk but Bianca drinks it instead of Krystal. She falls asleep and David continues to work his magic on Krystal. David convinces Tad that Jeff and Jamie need Tad. Tad goes out of town in search of his brother and son.

Krystal suffers another anxiety attack and calls David. He comes to help her and gives her warm milk that he secretly drugged. When spending time with Kathy, David becomes overcome with emotion and leaves. A drugged Krystal follows to make sure David is all right. Krystal kisses David. David drives Krystal home where the two run into a livid JR. JR warns Krystal about David Krystal defends David, claiming that he has changed.

Can’t Miss

Annie fantasizes that Greenlee is dead on Monday, December 8.

Jake realizes that he must let Taylor go on Tuesday, December 9.

Ryan is stunned to learn Annie being shipped to Oak Haven; Annie continues to suffer from a psychological break with reality on Wednesday, December 10.

Zach is devastated when he mistakenly believes Kendall has woken up and orders David to perform a miracle on Friday, December 12.

Coming Soon: Week of 12/15…

Bianca drops in on Reese’s father and gets an earful. Bianca continues to grow insecure about her relationship with Reese. David blackmails Joe and reminds Erica that she owes him. Randi’s past starts to catch up to her. Aidan fills Annie’s head with lies about Ryan. Annie attacks Ryan when he visits her at Oak Haven. Jake and Taylor run interference for Brot. Pine Valley gathers together to celebrate the life of Myrtle. (To see images from the week of 12/15, please click here)

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