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Ashley Jones Is Thirsty For 'Blood'


Ashley Jones Thirsty for 'Blood'

Popular B&B star Ashley Jones lands role on the hit HBO series, “True Blood.”

ALSO BY: Omar Nobles & Trish Mahon
Wednesday, December 17, 2008, 6:00 PM

HBO’s hit original series True Blood is preparing for its second season, and they intend on bringing on some fresh blood. Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly nnounced the series will be adding two new cast members — Broadway star, Anna Camp and The Bold & the Beautiful’s Ashley Jones.

The vampire drama is based on the Sookie Stackhouse series written by Charlene Harris, set in a time where vampires are “out of the coffin” and walk among humans. Sookie is played by Oscar winner Anna Paquin, a waitress at the popular bar Merlotte. Her boss Sam, played by Sam Trammell secretly pines for her. Sookie however, is intrigued by the new vampire in town, Bill played by Stephen Moyer. The show effortlessly portrays vampires and humans co existing and what everyday life would be if vampires were to walk the Earth. The show is more sensual and titillating than it is bloody and bleak. In September, after only airing 2 episodes, HBO took a chance and renewed the show for a second season. True Blood, It’s initial airing on HBO garnered an overwhelming response and delivered a viewing audience of 4 million. The audience continued to grow in the second episode with an increase of 24% and convinced many fans and critics alike, proving to be a bonafide hit for HBO.

Anna Camp will be taking on the role of Sarah, wife of Steve Newlin (played by Michael McMillian), the vampire hating leader of the anti-vampire religious organization, the Fellowship of the Sun. According to the casting call, Sarah is : “Late 20s – bright, pretty, cheerful wife of Fellowship of the Sun head Minister Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian), Sarah is an example of the new “hip” evangelical movement, hates vampires with a passion, deeply believes in her mission, her marriage, her country and her church. very feminine, but down-to-earth, also with a healthy appetite for life’s many pleasures… as she sees it, it’s all part of God’s gift to us. No actual nudity, but implied…”. Camp can currently be seen on stage with Harry Potter film star Daniel Radcliffe in the play Equus. Camp is known for her extraordinary talent on the stage in produces like the revival of The Country Girl and The Scene. Other theater credits include Columbinus, Flesh and the Desert, and God Hates the Irish.

Soap star Ashley Jones has signed on for a 6 episode story arc as the new Merlotte waitress, Daphne. Her role is described as: “Late 20s / early 30s – Daphne is sexy and down to earth, a real country girl, not the greatest waitress, but Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) couldn’t care less, once he gets to know her better. Common sense, no-nonsense, funny, definitely not neurotic. Nudity is preferable in this role…6 episode arc beginning with this episode.” Jones currently portrays Bridget on CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful. The actress is not leaving the show to do True Blood. Jones has several other primetime credits to her name including, CSI:NY, Crossing Jordan, Without a Trace, The District, among others. Jones also had appeared on another CBS soap, The Young and the Restless in 1999.

Jones is not the first daytime performer to appear on True Blood. Graham Shiels (aka Graham Sheezy) appeared in five episodes during the first season. Additionally, Passions star Brooke Kerr was originally cast as Sookie’s BFF Tara. However the show recasted the role and the character’s presence on the canvas was expanded.

Here’s to hoping Sam gets over the annoying Sookie and hooks up with the hotness that is Daphne.

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