GH: Elizabeth’s Hard Habit To Break


Hard Habit to Break

For years, General Hospital’s Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) has been written as a ping pong ball between Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Lucky Spencer (Greg Vaughan). This time it could be different as Elizabeth has finally realized Jason’s life may be too dangerous for her and her children. Will GH fans finally see Elizabeth moving on with her life without the bad boy Jason Morgan? Or will this prove be too hard of a habit to break?

For 9 long years, Elizabeth and Jason have graced our screens with their on again, off again relationship, all the while remaining friends yet not crossing the line into something more, until 2006. It was the Summer of 2006, better known to GH fans as the Summer of Sleaze, Jason and Elizabeth confessed to each other that they both held deep feelings for one another. During a power outage, the couple made love for the first time and conceived a child, later born and named Jacob Martin. Though a DNA test result claims Jason Morgan is Jake’s father, he still has yet to step up and claim his son.

Over the past few months, Elizabeth has been wanting a commitment from Jason, but he has been more than determined to keep Elizabeth and the children out of his dangerous life. The couple has shared a few moments in secret at a hideaway cabin in the woods, but they most shared longing gazes from across the room. Time and time again, Elizabeth has been told by Jason, his life is too dangerous and to stay away. Her insistence on being with Jason directly resulted in their child Jake to be kidnapped by the Russian mob and almost killed in a fire. Had it not been for Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco), who rescued the child, Elizabeth and Jason would not have been reunited with their son.

Since the kidnapping of Jake, Elizabeth has come to the realization that Jason’s life is too dangerous for her and the children and has decided to break off their relationship. As Lucky and Sam try reconciling, Elizabeth calls on Lucky when a “family crisis” arises. While tending to Elizabeth’s crisis, his girlfriend Sam is off with Jason chasing Russian mobsters. As Lucky grows closer and closer to Elizabeth, he will be putting more distance between himself and Sam.

“Liz and Lucky are bonded over those kids,” says GH Head Writer, Bob Guza, Jr. in a recent article published by Soaps In Depth. “Lucky/Liz/Sam/Jason like in any box relationship, could go any number of ways.” he adds.

GH fans have been on a yo-yo with this foursome for the past few years. Jason and Sam have had a long term relationship, as has Elizabeth and Lucky, who recently divorced. Jason and Elizabeth’s friendship has been growing closer for many years, but most recently this past year. Uttering the words ‘I love you’ and making love for the first time has been pay off for many fans of Jason and Elizabeth, however, now they want happiness for the couple. Up until a month ago, Jason and Elizabeth’s happiness was possibly on the horizon, but now with the recent turn of events, it looks like the writers have called it quits for this couple.

Who will end up with whom? Only time will tell, but there are many GH fans who are not happy with the storyline that lies ahead for this quad.

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