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OLTL Previews: Week of February 2


OLTL Spoilers: Week of February 2

Is he guilty or innocent? The verdict is in!

Love Hurts

Langston is unmoved by Starr’s explanation that she couldn’t send her father to prison, and Starr turns to the only friend she has left . . . Schuyler. Schuyler burns his mother’s letter to protect her reputation, but then he goes to Rodi’s where John does a little digging. Blair shows up for a bit of comfort so she and John head to his room, and Blair notices that John hesitates in front of Wes’s door. The judge delivers the verdict in Todd’s trial, and Nora shocks everyone when she has Starr arrested for perjury. Nora persuades Todd to save Starr from prosecution by publicly admitting his crimes. Following Todd’s confession, Marty flees the courtroom, with John close behind. Blair’s jealousy and insecurity is inflamed, and she warns Marty to stay away from John. John asks Fish to run a background check on Wes.

Murder Most Foul

Todd swears to Tea that he didn’t murder Lee Halperin, and when Antonio and Talia arrive on the scene, Tea claims she killed Lee in self defense. Antonio and Talia aren’t convinced and interrogate Tea, but she sticks to her story, and no criminal charges are filed. Wes tells Marty how Lee destroyed his family and his hopes for revenge, and they share their frustration that Todd may not be punished

Elsewhere in Llanview

Cole confesses his drug use to Markko. Cole stops Matthew from lighting up, and Matthew threatens to expose Cole’s drug habit, but Renee’s arrival shuts down the confrontation. Later Cole give Starr the cold shoulder in court. Rex warns Clint of Dorian’s plans, and Clint wonders if it’s time to come clean. Viki advises David to follow his heart. Clint gives Rex the green light to do what must be done to prevent Dorian from succeeding, and Rex and Gigi take off for Las Vegas in hot pursuit. Vanessa is uncomfortable with Lola’s questions about the knife used to kill Lee Halperin. Tea assures Ray his case is her top priority, and Lola overhears

Can’t Miss …

Wes kisses Marty on Monday, February 2.

Dorian proposes to David on Tuesday, February 3.

La Boulaise no Moe! Moe tells Dorian he’s going to change the name of her mansion on Wednesday, February 4.

Todd delivers an emotionally wrenching confession and apology. Blair slaps Tea and Jessica draws a line in the sand on Thursday, February 5.

Jessica is troubled as she watches Starr hold Chloe on Friday, February 6.

Coming Soon: Week of 2/09

A mystery woman watches Rex and Gigi, Matthew rats out Cole, Jessica admits she doesn’t feel a connection to Chloe, Wes and Marty crash The Go Red Ball, and Viki pleads with Natalie.

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