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SOAPnet Airs "We Hart Kendall" Marathon


SOAPnet Celebrates Kendall Hart

SOAPnet airs Kendall Hart marathon to coincide with “Sugar Free Valentines Day” promotion.

SOAPnet celebrates ABC’s All My Children’s Kendall Hart with a special 4 hour marathon called “We Hart Kendall”. “This four-hour marathon shows viewers the many sides of Kendall: rebellious daughter of Erica Kane, loyal sister, generous friend, outrageous flirt and simply an all-around strong woman who’s longing to be loved. We’ll see her at her baddest and her best, and discover the many reasons why “We Hart Kendall!”, so says the most recent press release from the cable network.

The “We Hart Kendall” marathon will consist of 4 one full hour episodes and include the following:

3PM – All My Children Episode #2002-8254 (original air date 1/9/02) – Newly returned to town and clad in a towel, Kendall spars with her new neighbor, Ryan. Then, much to her delight, her mother Erica is carted off by the police for violating her bail zone when she comes to talk to Kendall.

4PM – All My Children #2003-8726 (original air date 11/14/03) – Bianca and Ryan are incredulous at Kendall’s announcement that she’s pregnant. Later, an emotional Kendall explains to Bianca why she’s lying.

5PM – All My Children #2005-9172 (original air date 8/15/05) – Kendall offers to be a surrogate for Greenlee.

6PM – All My Children #2005-9256 (original air date 12/15/05) – Love and romance are in the air as Kendall and Zach prepare to divorce.

“We Hart Kendall” four hour marathon is set to air on SOAPnet on February 7 from 3pm to 7pm.

SOAPnet celebrates Valentine’s Day without the sugar, as their 6 week “Sugar Free Valentine’s Day” promotion continues and includes numerous special events and contests. Included in their celebration is the new original series “Greg Behrendt’s Wake Up Call” hosted by Greg Behrendt, author of “He’s Just Not That Into You.” Also included is the “Virtual Boyfriend” contest. SOAPnet’s Valentine’s Day promotion runs from January 4 thru February 14.

To learn more about SOAPnet’s Virtual Boyfriend contest, please visit SOAPnet’s Worst Date website.

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