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B&B Ranks #5 In The Soup's Clipdown 08


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The Bold and the Beautiful places #5 in the The Soup’s Clipdown ’08.

The Soup with Joel McHale on E! Entertainment Television brings us a weekly dose of laughs. Always sarcastic and dripping with irony, Joel McHale and The Soup seem like a match made in heaven. The show gives us clips from everything from The View to The O’Reilly Factor to The Girls Next Door.
Throughout this year we have seen very funny clips (though not always intended to be) from many of our favorite soaps. We have seen Passions’ Chad and Vincent, All My Children’s Ryan Lavery and “thong-gate” and The Bold and the Beautiful’s Ridge and Rick. In the past two weeks, The Soup has revealed their Top 40 Clipdown. Did any of our favorite soaps make the cut? One of the above three did…

The Soup was born from the hit show Talk Soup, hosted by Oscar nominated actor Greg Kinnear. Talk Soup followed every talk show and reported back with hilarious clips from shows like Oprah, Jenny Jones and Jerry Springer. With the rising popularity of reality television, so came The Soup. Now The Soup features clips from all of television spread across the various segments in the show. “Chicks, Man” focuses on female celebrities. “Reality Show” clip time is a segment made up of every single reality television show you have ever heard of, including those you never have heard of.  “Let’s Take Some E!” features clips aired on the E! network.  Meanwhile, “Chat Stew” focuses on clips from talk shows. The Clip of the Week is the most hilarious and best clip on television for the week.

Which soap made the list? Number five goes to the Bold and the Beautiful’s Ridge and Rick. Joel McHale has a showdown with Ronn Moss and Kyle Lowder. This clip showcases clips 5 through 1.



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