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GH Previews: Week of February 16


GH Spoilers: Week of February 16

Kate has been humiliated for the last time, and seeks revenge.

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

Claudia is about to confess to Sonny but they are interrupted by Ric, who informs them of Trevor’s death. Ric is warned that he might be the one to take the heat for Anthony. Claudia admits to Johnny that Kate knows she was involved in Michael’s shooting, but she is confident Sonny will believe her if the truth ever comes out. Claudia also admits to Johnny that she is the one who turned on Anthony and Kate is about to explode when Sonny informs her, he is going to stay married to Claudia. While Kate tells Olivia she is going to seek revenge on Claudia and Sonny, Claudia happily agrees to stay married to Sonny. Claudia unexpectedly finds another DVD and realizes Jerry hid another DVD in Michael’s room. Kate goes snooping at Sonny’s house in search of another DVD and is caught in Michael’s room by Claudia. Sonny comes on the scene in time to break up a fight that has ensued between Kate and Claudia. Kate is furious when Sonny comes to Claudia’s defense. Later Kate returns to the house and Claudia taunts her with the belief Sonny will believe Claudia over her.

Heroes Emerge from the Ashes

Sam and Jason are on a search for Spinelli and discover he is trapped in an airduct. Before they can rescue him, there is another explosion. Maxie is a bag of nerves as she waits for Spinelli to get rescued, and fears the worst when she is witness to the explosion. Jason and Sam get to Spinelli who is in need of CPR. Spinelli comes back to life when he receives mouth to mouth resuscitation from Sam. Jason leads the way to safety for him, Sam and Spinelli as Maxie and Winifred are waiting for them to emerge from the burning building. Sam, Jason and Spinelli finally emerge, and Maxie and Winifred are relieved to see Spinelli alive.


Robin begins to feel like herself again and is pleased when she is able to hold Emma without fear. Patrick is given honors for his efforts during the crisis at the hospital. The two are reunited when Patrick returns home. They count their blessings as they spend family time together. But when Emma starts to cry, Robin becomes unsettled and asks Patrick to feed her.

Elsewhere in Port Charles …

Elizabeth tells Rebecca all about Nikolas and his love for Emily. Lulu cannot help but see something happening between Maxie and Johnny. Maxie decides to wear a trademark Crimson dress to a high profile gala in Manhattan and has Johnny as her escort. Nadine overhears Nikolas tell Alexis he will no one else but Emily. Sonny suggests that he and Jason work together to find Anthony. Winifred informs Spinelli he could be arrested if Anthony is not found. Jax and Carly tell Morgan they are not getting a divorce. Elizabeth thanks Lucky for taking good care of the boys during the crisis.

Can’t Miss …

Johnny finds Maxie and gets her to safety on Monday, February 16.

Rebecca is fed up with Nikolas when he finds her at the Metro Court and tells him to leave her alone on Tuesday, February 17.

Maxie is clearly jealous of Winifred’s friendship with Spinelli and stakes her claim to him on Wednesday, February 18.

Spinelli nearly collapses from coughing while paying Maxie a visit at Crimson on Thursday, February 19.

Sam tells Lucky it’s time they faced the fact that their relationship is over on Friday, February 20.

Coming Soon: Week of 2/23…

Jason makes a deal with Sonny. Sam and Jason team up to find Anthony. Kate continues to be a thorn in Claudia’s side. Maxie is in an alternative universe. Everyone’s destiny takes a strange turn in Maxie’s dream. Maxie is happy to be alive. Jason and Sam are hot on Anthony’s trail. Sonny is hit with a dose of reality. Rebecca finds it easy to be around Lucky. Anthony accuses Claudia of having feelings for Sonny. Jason is impressed by Sam’s resourcefulness. Jax and Carly team up to help out. Anthony puts Sonny in a no win situation. Spinelli finds himself in hot water yet again. Jax and Carly enlist Olivia’s help in their latest scheme.

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