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GL Previews: Week of February 23


GL Spoilers: Week of February 23

Olivia finally admits her feelings, but will she tell Natalia?

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{xtypo_sticky}Buzz and Alan face off.

Phillip vows to make things right with his children.

Dinah and Mallet team up.

Bill learns that Grady kidnapped Lizzie.{/xtypo_sticky}


Olivia and Natalia arrive at Coop’s funeral and Olivia sees Phillip.  After Phillip goes to jail for pulling a gun at the funeral, Olivia goes to visit Phillip to find out why he came back.  Phillip claims he wants to make amends.  Olivia starts to explain the situation with Natalia. Phillip questions why Olivia is so upset about a friendship that means nothing.  Phillip suggests that Natalia might be feeling the same way.  Natalia has stuck by Olivia through an awful lot so it may not be nothing for her Phillip says.  Natalia stops by Company to lend support to Frank who tells her about Company.  Natalia finds a picture of Gus and can’t believe that he has been gone for a year.  Natalia wants to help Frank since he was always so kind to her and Rafe.  The two kiss. Olivia runs into Jeffrey at Company.  She admits that Natalia makes her happy but is unsure of the feelings she is experiencing. Olivia goes home, hoping to find Natalia who is not there.  Natalia is with Frank, having just made love.  Natalia gets upset and runs off. She arrives home and prays that the feelings she is having will stop. Olivia invites Natalia to Reva’s baby shower at Company, but Natalia turns her down.  Josh finds Natalia and she admits that she tried to help someone, but it may have been at the expense of another.  Josh has faith that Natalia will find her way and that she is a good person. Olivia finally admits her feelings, but will she tell Natalia?


Alan defends himself at Coop’s funeral.  Phillip takes drastic action to get to get the fighting between the two families to stop.After the funeral, Buzz starts packing up Company.  Marina opens her and Mallet’s home to Frank and Buzz. Reva and Shayne meet to talk.  Shayne tells Reva that Edmund is part of his life.  Edmund has a video of a pregnant Lara, which Dinah destroys.  Shayne is angered by Dinah’s impulsive action and orders her out of his life. It’s the day of Reva’s baby shower and Reva makes another video for her child and is stunned when she sees Hawk. Mallet gets an idea after overhearing Shayne. Buzz and Reva share an emotional moment. Dinah vows that somehow she will make Shayne happy as she books a flight out of Springfield.  Buzz reveals to Frank that he will get even with Alan.  Buzz goes to see Phillip in jail and claims he wants Phillip’s help in ensuring justice is done. Cyrus confronts Grady about threatening Bill…as Bill steps in the room!

COMING SOON: Week of March 2

Dinah and Mallet join forces for the ones they love

Bill finds out everything…but will he be believed?

Lizzie tells Buzz that he is acting exactly like Alan.

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