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OLTL Previews: Week of March 2


OLTL Spoilers: Week of March 2

Gigi grows frustrated with Stacy and confides in Viki.

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Rex tells Gigi that Roxy claims she murdered his father who was a horrible man, and Roxy visits a mysterious patient in a long term care facility, to whom she confides that Rex believed her story and will never learn the truth about his father. Gigi grows more irritated with Stacy and shares her concerns with Viki. Stacy and Schuyler are surprised to see each other in Llanview, and try to resume their former friendship. Stacy befriends Layla to pump her for the scoop on Rex, and she is pleased by what she learns.

Starr denies Cole’s accusation that she ratted him out to Schuyler, and Cole pulls her into a kiss. Starr says she can’t be with him if he’s still doing drugs. Nora lays down the law to Marty, telling her she can wait for trial in a jail cell or be free to be a mother to Cole. Marty discovers Cole’s drugs and tries to reason with him but when Cole storms out, a devastated Marty seeks John’s help. John leaves a furious Blair’s bed to help Marty. Cole, enraged and high, first goes to Todd’s and rants about everything he’s done, then he proceeds to the high school dance just in time to witness a close moment between Schuyler and Starr. Cole spirals out of control and jumps in his car, joined by Matthew who has suffered his own humiliation at the dance, and they speed off together.

Dorian refuses to go to Los Angeles with David. Not only does Dorian face some difficulty regaining her home, but Moe invites Dorian’s newest adversary (Ray) to be a guest at La Boulais.


Natalie asks Rex to help with her investigation into the night that Chloe was born, and they discover it was Bess (not Tess) who was at the hospital that night. Dorian and Todd make a grisly discovery. Jessica stands up for Brody when Antonio questions him about Wes’s murder.

Can’t Miss …

Bo and Matthew begin to repair their relationship on Monday, March 2.

Brody admits to Antonio he doesn’t have an alibi for the night Wes was killed on Tuesday, March 3.

Dorian and Ray prove to be worthy adversaries on Wednesday, March 4.

Blair is furious when John leaves her bed on Thursday, March 5.

Dorian and Todd make a horrific discovery on Friday, March 6.

Coming Soon: Week of 3/09

Gigi falls victim to Stacy’s wicked scheme. Bo/Nora and Rex/Gigi get devastating news. Jared and Natalie get closer to the truth. John is on the hunt for a Killer. Stacy wants to find out what Roxy is hiding.

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