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AMC Previews: Week of March 2


AMC Spoilers: Week of March 2

David and Krystal marry; Zach and Kendall reunite; Amanda moves in with Jake.

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David arrives at the Chandler mansion and exposes Amanda’s lies to JR. Furious, JR kicks Amanda out, and latter asks her to sign papers giving him primary custody of their unborn baby. She refuses, and storms out of Fusion after quitting. Jake comes to her rescue when David begins harassing her at ConFusion, and invites her to move in with him and Tad and the girls(which she accepts). Meanwhile Krystal remains under David’s spell and agrees to sign a pre-nuptial agreement without even reading it. They end up get married at Wildwind in a cold and empty ceremony. Tad and Jake take Amanda to the hospital when she fears she might be having a miscarriage. JR arrives at Amanda’s side just as she’s about to tell David the truth about the baby. He ignores David and promises Amanda he’ll protect her and the child she’s carrying. Krystal confronts David after Tad tells her how David paid Amanda to seduce JR and get him drinking again. David defends himself, sticking to his belief that the Chandlers are a danger to Little Adam. Krystal makes a shocking discovery when she drops in on Little Adam and returns home firmly on David’s side.


Zach and Kendall hold their own with Adam when he threatens to use the truth about Greenlee’s accident against them. Adam leaves, confident he has Zach right where he wants him. Kendall rips Reese a new one, accusing her of trying to steal Zach, who doesn’t want to hear anything Reese has to say. He later forces Kendall to choose between loving him or hating him, pointing out they’d be lost without each other. Kendall follows her heart and she and Zach make love. Reese is saddened when she spies on Zach and Kendall in the afterglow of their make-up sex. Kendall latter confronts Reese again, who’s tired of being put down by everyone. Kendall later challenges Zach to get rid of Reese once and for all. Reese stands up to Zach as she tells him she has no intention of leaving town, but the confrontation takes an unexpected turn when Reese suffers a nasty fall. Guilt-ridden, Zach chooses to go see Reese at the hospital while Kendall attends Greenlee’s memorial. Reese tells Zach she doesn’t want anything from him, but lets him know that Kendall better get used to the fact she isn’t going anywhere.


Taylor charms Tad while playing cards at the casino. She and Brot latter make love. Ryan tells Jack he won’t be attending the memorial for Greenlee because he can’t bring himself to say goodbye to her. Ryan still blames Zach for Greenlee’s death even though he knows Kendall was the one driving the car. Erica and Adam trade threats with one another. He latter accepts her offer for him to join Fusion and get it back on it’s feet.


JR falls off the wagon once again, and disgusts Adam

Annie & Aidan grow closer, and share a kiss

Kendall and Ryan help each other grieve for Greenlee

Zach catch Ryan and Kendall in a compromising position

David continues to threaten Amanda

Coming Soon: Week of 3/9

Kendall admits she no longer trusts Zach. Aidan and Zach strike a deal. Aidan and Annie take their relationship to a new level. Reese and Zach share yet another kiss. David screws Amanda over.

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