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GH Previews: Week of March 2


GH Spoilers: Week of March 2

A scared Spinelli has intentions to run to parts unknown to escape going to prison.

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Spinelli and Maxie believe he’s on his way to prison and share an emotional goodbye, but their worries are for nothing when Jason turns over Anthony to Agent Rayner. Rayner still wants the goods on Sonny and insists Jason help him. Jason confides to Sam that Spinelli still may go to prison and the only way to keep him safe is for them (Jason and Spinelli) to leave the country. Spinelli is relieved to hear he won’t be going to prison, but his happiness is short lived when he overhears Jason and Sam discussing his predicament. Winifred is watching when Spinelli gets a fake passport. He has come to the conclusion, going into hiding is best, Spinelli visits with Maxie one last time, but doesn’t tell her about the plans to flee. Jason is not happy when he finds Spinelli’s note. When Spinelli boards the plane, he finds a surprise waiting for him. Jason has the urge to go after Spinelli, but Sonny advises against it. Winifred and Spinelli are bound for places unknown, on a new mission, to right the wrongs of the world by using his cyber skills.


When Maxie suggests Robin doesn’t want to spend quality time with Emma, she soon regrets her words. Patrick confides in Elizabeth about Robin’s behavior. Robin goes to the Haunted Star and encounters Ethan. She lies and tells Ethan she doesn’t have any children. Robin feels the guilt over not being motherly towards Emma. Patrick and Matt discuss Robin and her recent behavior. Later he overhears Robin telling Sonny she is returning to full time work at GH. Patrick confronts Robin about her decision to return to work and a big fight ensues. Patrick is enlightened when he overhears a conversation between Robin and Lulu.


Alexis discovers Rebecca has no ties to Emily. Much to the family’s chagrin, Edward invites Rebecca to move into the Quartermaine mansion. Lulu has an unsettled feeling about Ethan. Carly is touched by Jax’s love and concern for her and Michael. Claudia barely escapes being found in Michael’s room by Carly. Luke has some advice for Rebecca. Rebecca may have a change of heart about Nikolas. Nadine realizes her relationship with Nikolas is not going to work out. Sonny and Claudia explore their feelings for each other.


Anthony warns Johnny that Claudia is living on borrowed time on Monday, March 2.

Robin wonders why Sonny is keeping Claudia around on Tuesday, March 3.

Winifred meets with Sam and is clearly worried about Spinelli on Wednesday, March 4.

Claudia pays a secret visit to Michael on Thursday, March 5.

A mysterious woman spies on Spinelli on Friday, March 6.

COMING SOON: Week of 3/09…

Kate threatens to expose Claudia’s crimes. Carly makes a decision about Michael. Maxie sets out to find Spinelli on her own. Kate has surprising news for Claudia. Spinelli is no match for the mystery woman. Lucky and Elizabeth come to a mutual understanding. Robin accidentally places Emma in danger. Spinelli is in grave danger. Lucky doesn’t hit it off with Ethan. Sonny and Carly are there for each other. Robin luckily avoids a potential tragedy. Jason, Sam and Winifred set out to rescue Spinelli. Sonny likes the way Claudia thinks. Robin’s behavior grows more and more unpredictable. Nikolas is upset by Lucky’s friendship with Rebecca.

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