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OLTL Previews: Week of March 30


OLTL Spoilers: Week of March 30

Dorian turns green with jealousy when Ray asks out Tea.

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Brody gets the truth from Gigi, and when Rex calls her, Brody answers her phone and tells Rex that Gigi doesn’t want to see him. Rex races to Brody’s and discovers Gigi and Brody in bed together. As Brody leaves Gigi and Rex alone to talk, he runs into Jessica, who sees Gigi in his bed as Rex storms from the room. Jessica quickly covers and escapes the awkward situation. Brody and Gigi comfort each other. Later, Brody tells Stacy that Rex will never love her, and Schuyler also warns Stacy that she’s setting herself up to fall, but Stacy remains convinced that she’ll get everything she wants. Stacy shows up at the hospital and claims she’s a bone marrow match for Shane.

John stuns Todd at the custody hearing with news that he is now Starr, Jack and Sam’s stepfather. The judge leaves the kids in John’s care. Todd is furious and vows revenge. Marty finds John at the courtroom planning to admit her feelings for him, but she’s brought up short when John tells her he married Blair. Once she thinks she is alone, Marty reveals her hurt and disappointment while someone spies.

Dorian insists that Ray’s kiss was unwelcomed, but she becomes jealous when he asks Tea on a date. Dorian takes Jackie McNaughton out on the town and makes sure Ray witnesses her kissing Jackie.

Cris and Layla continue to bicker with each other. Layla’s blind date announces that it’s clear more is between them than they admit. Cris and Layla get locked in the steam room.


Todd accuses Tea of still being in love with him. Starr is surprised when Cole answers Schuyler’s phone, and Schuyler can’t believe what Starr does. Viki and Bo suspect there’s more to Rex and Gigi’s break up. John and Fish continue to piece together clues in the serial murder case.


Starr tells Todd she’d rather live with John on Monday, March 30.

Fur flies between Layla and Cristian on Tuesday, March 31.

Hank Gannon returns to Llanview on Wednesday, April 1.

Todd’s old frat brother, Zach Rosen is spying on citizens of Llanview on Thursday, April 2.

John experiences the challenges of parenthood on Friday, April 3.

COMING SOON: Week of 4/06

Todd’s past comes back to haunt him. Todd accuses Schuyler of seducing Starr and Starr is taken hostage. Gigi tries to set the record straight with Jessica and Langston catches Lola in the act.

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