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AMC Spoilers: Week of March 30

David gets his hands on Little Adam! Will Ian bring Zach and Kendall closer?

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David’s loses him temper and causes Krystal to fall and suffer a bruise to her face after she tells him that he doesn’t deserve custody of Little A. She latter runs into Opal and Tad at ConFusion. After seeing the bruise, Tad goes to confront David. Elsewhere, JR finds Little A at Angie and Jesse’s, who decide to allow him to spend time with the boy. Then, David shows up and tries to bribe Jessie for information about Little A’s location, but Jesse sends him on his way. Latter, Krystal ends up defending David to Tad who is disgusted. Opal cautions him that he’s the only one who can save Krystal, who forgives David but remains privately troubled. Latter, David figures out that Little A is at Angie and Jesse’s and snatches the boy out from under Natalia’s nose. He soon shocks Krystal when he returns to Wildwind with Little A in tow. Krystal manages to convince David to let her take Little A back to Angie and Jesse’s. When JR gets news that Adam has gone missing from the hospital in Philadelphia, he and Tad head off to Philadelphia to try and track him down. While there, they learn he’s been behaving strangely. Latter, the police find Adam’s stolen car smashed and abandoned.


Zach challenges Ryan to a game of Texas Hold’em with the stakes being the one thing Zach loves most. Kendall is upset when that one thing turns out to be the casino and not her. In retaliation, Kendall throws her support behind Ryan while Erica backs Zach, who ends up winning. Latter, Kendall and Ryan are about to make love when Zach shows up and announces he’s moving back into the house and refuses to let Kendall take the boys with her if she decides to move in with Ryan. Not wanting to uproot her sons, Kendall later tells Ryan she can’t move in with him. Zach panics when he discovers Ian isn’t breathing and rushes him to the hospital. David tells Kendall and Zach just how serious Ian’s condition is, and that there is a risky surgery option that could save his life. While Zach and Kendall sit vigil over Ian, Ryan witnesses the connection between them. Latter, Ryan makes it perfectly clear to Erica that he’s going to fight for Kendall, who along with Zach gives David the go ahead to perform the heart surgery on Ian and lean on each other for support.


Annie tells Aidan about her recurring nightmare from when she was little girl but still can’t make sense of it. Aidan suggests that maybe something traumatic happened to Annie on her birthday as a kid, and she’s blocking it out because it’s too painful to remember. With Aidan by her side, Annie wakes from another nightmare to see Tori standing in her doorway. Annie tells Aidan that she saw blood on her hands in her latest nightmare and thinks she might have killed someone. Annie recounts her nightmare to Tori, who pulls back from her touch. Later, Aidan digs into Annie’s past and makes a disturbing discovery, and Annie, who is certain she killed someone when she was a little girl is clearly losing touch with reality.

Elsewhere, Amanda and Jake work on her application for prospective adoptive parents, which Petey overhears and thinks is an online dating profile. Latter Jake claims he’s the father of Amanda’s baby when the adoption lawyer insists the father needs to be involved with the proceedings. A grateful Amanda wishes that he really was the father.

Meanwhile, Randi tries to be understanding when Frankie suddenly takes off, saying he needs to be alone, latter, she gets insight from Taylor and Brot as to what Frankie’s going through. When he gets back, Frankie tells Randi he’s going to take out a life insurance policy to make sure she’s taken care of in case something should happen to him.


Erica asks David to save Ian’s life

Krystal reassures David that he’ll be able to operate on Ian

Erica gets a surprise visitor

Ryan lets Erica know he’s gonna fight for Kendall

Amanda and Jake grow closer


Monday 4/06: Krystal keeps a secret from David.

Tuesday 4/07: Erica urges Adam to come clean with JR

Wednesday 4/08 Annie is finally able to put the past to rest.

Thursday 4/09 Zach and Kendall can’t break the bond between them

Friday 4/10 Jake has a surprising proposition for Amanda

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