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AMC Spoilers: Week of March 16

Kendall betrays Zach by sleeping with Ryan. Will Zendall survive?

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With Reese on his mind, Zach questions Aidan about how he and Kendall came to the decision that it would be okay to sleep together. Aidan sidesteps the question by alluding to the fact that he has an inside man at Fusion. Kendall jumps to the conclusion that Zach is sleeping with Reese. Zach, frustrated by Kendall’s behavior, denies sleeping with Reese but admits that he wanted to. Zach tells Kendall that he just wanted to be honest with her, but she accuses him of wanting an excuse for her to push him into Reese’s bed. Jesse tells a still grieving Ryan that Greenlee’s body might have been found. Kendall insists on taking the trip to Connecticut with Ryan to identify the body. Pete misconstrues a conversation he overhears between Kendall and Ryan and tells Aidan he thinks they’re going away to have an affair. After Ryan & Kendall assume the body in the morgue is Greenlee’s without actually looking at it, Aidan sneaks in to take a peak of his own. Ryan and Kendall find comfort in each other’s arms, bonding over the girl that once came between them. Aidan spies on Ryan & Kendall in the afterglow of lovemaking, but keeps the news to himself when he reports in on Ryan’s moves to Zach.

Kendall admits to Ryan that she still has feelings for him and thinks they need each other. Ryan feels guilty for having slept with Kendall so soon after Greenlee’s death. He takes his anger out on her, saying that they betrayed Greenlee’s memory. Kendall heads home to find Zach with Spike and Ian. Ryan arrives to apologize to Kendall and pulls her into a kiss just as Zach re-enters the room. Zach knows from the kiss that Ryan & Kendall slept together. Zach walks away from Kendall, alleging that Ryan only slept with her as part of his plan to get even with him. Erica tells Kendall she has to decide who she wants to be with, Ryan or Zach.


Reese regrets having pushed Zach away earlier and admits it to him when he “visits” her, not realizing it’s really Aidan. Reese is surprised when she’s able to distinguish a slight trace of light. Zach waits at the hospital as Reese has another surgery. Reese has an odd dream in which she faces off with her parents and her former fiancé, Simon. Reese awakes with a clear perception of the person she is and what she wants, which is a life with Bianca and their family. Zach is pleased that Reese has regained her eyesight but remains pained over all he’s lost.


Amanda cooks up a plan to make sure David never gets his hand on her baby: go away before her due date; find a loving family to adopt her baby and then tell David that the child died. She begs Jake to help her carry her plan out. Meanwhile, David plans on pulling out all the stops to get his hands on Little Adam. Krystal asks David to have papers drawn up stating he’ll never stake a claim to Amanda’s baby. Krystal tells Amanda that David promised he won’t go after her baby. Despite this new development, Amanda resolves to carry out her plan anyway. David secures a search warrant for Adam’s mansion, determined to force him to return to Pine Valley with Little Adam. Krystal is unsettled by David’s vigor in doing whatever it takes to get Little Adam away from JR. David seethes when JR makes a fool of him and later sneaks into the mansion via the tunnels. David wants Jesse to coerce Erica into telling him where Adam has taken Little Adam.


Pete switches teams when Aidan busts him for using his computer skills to help Ryan spy on Cambias. It’s a house full of Martins when Tad welcomes Opal and Pete as houseguests. Annie’s insta-friend Tori plants seeds of doubt about Aidan’s loyalty. Jack accuses Erica of setting her sights on Ryan’s shares of Fusion. On her birthday, Annie’s memory of a childhood birthday paralyzes her in fear.


David drugs an unwitting JR.

Randi proposes to Frankie in an effort to hold on to her man

Ryan & Kendall prove nothing when they have sex together.

Reese regains her sight.

Jackson gives Ryan a DVD that Greenlee made for him before she died.


Reese pushes Zach to fight for his marriage. Ryan and Kendall are drawn together in their grief. Erica gives JR news about Adam. Krystal tells David to get Little Adam by any means necessary. Opal has an eerie feeling about Greenlee. Erica pulls a fast one on David. Reese is determined to win Binks back. Kendall chooses between Zach and Ryan.

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