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AMC Previews: Week of March 9


AMC Spoilers: Week of March 9

Kendall and Zach continue to remain at odds over Reese; David viciously exposes Amanda’s lies; Cortland Manor is on fire!

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After catching them in a compromising position, Zach accuses Ryan and Kendall of deliberately setting it up so that he’d see them together and storms out. Erica arrives and questions Kendall’s behavior, saying she should be confiding in her husband instead of Ryan. She then urges Kendall to fight for her marriage. Ryan has harsh words for Erica and kicks her out. Jack later stops by and tells Ryan that Greenlee left him her shares of Fusion in her will. At the hospital, Reese insists to Zach that she’s well enough to leave even though she’s obviously not.

Kendall arrives at the hospital just in time to watch as Zach carries Reese out in his arms. Latter, Kendall starts to feel compassion for Reese after seeing how helpless she is and tells Zach he needs to do whatever he can to help her. Zach wonders how Kendall can have compassion for Reese while still punishing him and walks away. After Ryan has Petey hack into some Cambias financial documents, Zach accuses him of using Fusion as a way to make a play for Kendall and enlists in Aidan’s help in neutralizing him. After Kendall refuses to cut Ryan out of her life, Zach moves into the casino. Kendall points out that she’s never stopped loving Zach, but he responds by saying she’s never stopped loving Ryan either.


Adam and JR realize that David is going to sue for custody of Little A after the incident with the alcohol and decide that Adam should leave the country with Little A and Erica before David can get his hands on the boy. David is furious when he finds out and serves JR with papers suing him for sole custody of Little Adam. Amanda tells JR she’ll testify about David paying her to make him fall off the wagon when the custody fight for Little Adam begins. David threatens Amanda, warning her he’ll expose the fact that he’s the father of her unborn baby unless she keeps her mouth shut. Although she keeps her end of the bargain, David cruelly exposes Amanda’s lies in front of a stunned JR, who then wants nothing more to do with her.


Petey and Colby return home from the movies to find Cortlandt Manor in flames. Brot heroically rushes into the mansion and saves an unconscious Opal while Taylor rescues Kathy, which leaves Tad extremely grateful. Latter, Jack tells Opal she’s broke and Petey tries to cope with the fact he’s no longer rolling in dough. Annie and Aidan share yet another kiss and latter make love. And Randi confronts Frankie about not telling her he’s being re-deployed to Iraq.


Annie fantasizes about Aidan

Jake promises Amanda he’ll protect her

Zach reads Reese the letter Bianca sent her and the moment turns fraught

Tad confronts Krystal, who latter knocks him unconscious

Brot finds a bit of comfort with Taylor on the anniversary of his accident

Coming Soon: Week of 3/16

Kendall accuses Zach of having an affair with Reese. Aidan makes a curious discovery. JR wants nothing to do with Amanda. David is up to his old tricks. Colby plays into David’s hands.

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