Drew Garrett Cast as ‘General Hospital’s New Michael Corinthos

New Michael Corinthos Cast

Newcomer Drew Garrett has been tapped to replace Dylan Cash as the new Michael Corinthos.

TV Guide’s Matt Mitovitch revealed General Hospital has finally cast their new Michael Corinthos. Newcomer Drew Garrett, whose credits include a guest starring role on Criminal Minds, will take over the role of Michael on Friday, April 24.

According to TV Guide, when Garrett debuts, Michael will still be in a coma.

Sonny and Carly’s son Michael has been in a coma since he was shot in the head last year by Dr. Ian Devlin (Seamus Dever). Dr. Devlin was hired by vixenella Claudia Zacchara (now Corinthos) to take out Sonny, but the bullet ricocheted and struck Michael! Since then, Michael has remained “locked in his own personal hell” (thanks for that line Sonny) and is regularly mentioned on the show. It is unknown when Sonny will learn the truth of Claudia’s involvement in the shooting, but TVSource Magazine can reveal that he might learn sooner than later!

Next week on General Hospital, Jax (Ingo Rademacher) will receive a package in the mail, containing a DVD that implicates Claudia in Michael’s shooting! On top that, Claudia’s ex-bed buddy Ric (Rick Hearst) also learns the truth, and decides to use that information to his advantage by blackmailing Claudia!

Kate knows, Ric knows, Jax knows, and Olivia (who learns from Jax) will know the dark secret that is now haunting Claudia. Who will be the first to tell Sonny?