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AMC Spoilers: Week of April 13

Adam gains the upper hand but later faces a medical issue. What is he holding over Krystal’s head?

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Krystal informs David that Little A. is going to be called to the stand at the custody hearing. During the hearing, Adam becomes disoriented and and faints. As Adam is rushed to the hospital, Erica becomes increasingly worried for him, even though he tries to convince her he’s ok. Meanwhile, Adam informs Krystal that he knows the skeletons, she’s keeping in her closet. A nervous Krystal causes a commotion in the courtroom, by turning on David. David begs Krystal to tell him everything Adam has on her. Adam gives Krystal an address which turns out to be that of a gravestone. Krystal makes a mysterious phone call.


On their way to Philadelphia, Erica and Ryan get stranded after their car breaks down. They find refugee in an abandoned cabin, where Erica informs Ryan to stop pursuing Kendall, and let her be with Zach. Meanwhile, Zach lets Kendall know that their recent kiss meant nothing to him and he doesn’t need her in his life. Later, Kendall goes off searching for Erica after she learns she is missing and finds Erica and Ryan in a shocking situation. Kendall accuses Erica of wanting both Zach and Ryan. Ryan tells Kendall that he believes that she is still trying to hold onto her marraige. Kendall tells an amused Zach about what she saw between her mother and Ryan. Kendall gives Zach the signed divorce papers. As they wait for Ian’s test results, Zach tells Kendall that she no longer means anything to him, which leaves Kendall heartbroken. To avoid confrontation Zach leaves for the casino, while Ryan arrives to support Kendall. At the casino, Zach has a one night stand with a woman at the casino.


Scott clobbers David when he overhears him threatening to kill Adam. Adam offers to bankroll Scott’s latest project after learning David would be Scott’s main competitor. Krystal makes a mysterious phone call. Jake is their for Amanda. Annie sneaks out of Oak Haven and secretly visits Emma at Ryan’s. Frankie’s family and friends give him a going away party, before he leaves for Iraq. Randi becomes emotional when Taylor and Brot surprise her with a “visit” from Frankie in Iraq, via laptop. Brot doesn’t want Taylor to accompany him when leaves town to make his first speech for Wounded Soldiers.


Zach tells Kendall that the kiss they shared meant nothing.

Adam puts the screws to Krystal.

A vulnerable Amanda admits to Jake that she trusts him, which isn’t something that comes easily for her.

Ryan won’t let Kendall walk away from him.

Jake pulls a gun on David


Zach evens the score with Kendall. Colby’s feelings about Liza hit home for Amanda. Aidan and Annie plan on hitting the road. Annie makes a desperate move. Krystal goes on a mysterious mission. David needs to brush up on his Hippocratic Oath. Ryan plans on making Aidan and Annie pay for their crimes. Erica suspects David is up to something. Reese thinks Kendall is getting just what she deserves.Krystal gets an unexpected surprise. Frankie witnesses Randi and Scott’s easy rapport. Aidan refuses to rat out Annie. Ryan is through with Kendall’s game playing. Krystal has an ominous dream. A vision of Annie throws a fright into Opal.

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