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ATWT Spoilers: Week of April 13

Zac and Zoe set their plan into motion regarding Luke.

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{xtypo_sticky}Paul threatens Meg.

Liberty gets fed up with Parker’s behavior.

Vienna is rushed to the hospital

Meg makes a deal with the devil in hopes of getting closer to Eliza.

Dusty finds himself in a hard hitting predicament because of Lucy.{/xtypo_sticky}


Zac and Zoe crash Luke and Noah’s night alone, bringing some absinthe to drink. Zoe, after flirting with Luke, learns his real name and almost immediately, Zac gets sick and disappears. While he’s gone, the lights go out thanks to Zoe. Noah finds Zac snooping around in Luke’s room and cornered, Zac disrobes and tries to seduce Noah. The lights go back on and the twins take their exit. Meanwhile, Lily finds Damian’s ring beside the place where the stolen disks were kept after a surprise visit from him. Furious, Lily confronts her ex, but the ring doesn’t fit. Damian suggests that the recent crimes could have been committed by a disgruntled Grimaldi family member, but Luke doesn’t believe him. Later, Noah visits Damian and they realize the user name of the hacker was either Pesci or Pisces. When Noah sees the twins with matching zodiac necklaces of a Pisces, he calls their attention to the obvious, but they laugh and leave him by himself. Later, Luke can’t find Noah while across town, Damian’s convinced the perpetrator is Luke himself. Luke gets a call from Noah explaining he’s in Lisbon at a film festival. After his son blames him for Noah’s absence, Damian decides to swing by Lisbon and check on Noah during his business trip to Europe. While Lily comforts Luke, we see Noah tied up in a storage locker. His captors, Zac and Zoe, talk about their plans for Luke.


In New York, Parker inadvertently walks in on his mother, drunk, about to have sex with Craig. To make matters worse, Liberty arrives with Ari, the guy she interviewed with. Carly tries to console a perturbed Parker, but he calls her a drunkard and blames her and Craig for sabotaging his marriage to Liberty. Carly wants to drink more after her fight with Parker, but Craig sobers her up. Carly admits she’s been overdoing it with the alcohol, but can stop easily. A very torn Liberty offers to give up her internship to save her marriage to Parker. Craig presents this news to Carly and offers to stay with her, but only cuddling, no sex. At dinner, Meg and Paul run into Lucy, Dusty, and Johnny. Lucy saves Dusty from getting into another fight with Paul after Paul witnesses him grabbing Meg’s arm. Paul accuses Meg of breaking things off with Dusty to get access to Eliza and flee. Meg denies it and later, the two have an intimate moment. Lucy hears there’s a supplier problem preventing the shipment from setting sail, but Dusty saves the day and convinces Cesar to continue as planned.

Thanks to Alison, Casey gets a volunteer job as hospital bus driver, in hopes of completing his community service to get back in school. An undercover cop busts Jade after she asks for some pot. Margo doesn’t arrest her, but wants her to contribute to the community. Alison and Casey learn Jade will be working with Casey, and neither member of the couple is happy about it. Alison talks Casey out of quitting because of Jade and he admits he’s glad he’s getting to spend time with
his girl. Henry and Katie walk in on Brad rubbing a home remedy for Vienna’s sickness on her bare chest. Brad convinces his wife it meant nothing. Vienna ends up taking a fall on the goo and Henry takes her to the hospital. Once they found out Vienna’s okay, Brad and Henry get into a heated exchange and Henry almost lets it slip that the child’s his. Again, Vienna asks if Henry’s having second thoughts and although his unhappiness is obvious, he says no.

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