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DAYS Previews: Week of April 13


DAYS Spoilers: Week of April 13

EJ and Nicole’s wedding might not take place if Brady, Sami or Mia have their way.

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This week on ‘Days of Our Lives,’ Nicole and EJ are prepared to wed, but the groom seems to be having his doubts. That is until she informs him that Sami’s buddy Rafe was the one that masqueraded as a cable repair man to spy on them over the winter. Upon learning this news EJ recommits to Nicole before taking off to confront Sami.

As EJ & Sami argue, Will informs Mia of Nicole’s past. Mia then takes off to confront Nicole but is shocked when Nicole informs her that even if the truth comes out the odds of her getting Sydney are slim to none. After EJ leaves Sami makes up with Rafe and then turns to Lucas. Lucas is surprised to hear the truth then shocked to learn she plans to tell EJ – today.

Brady then shows up to confess his love to Nicole, however she turns him down sending him running into Melanie’s arms. Melanie & Brady share a kiss; however she pushes him to fight for the one he loves. Brady then runs into Chloe, and she asks him to leave Nicole alone. Nicole is worried upon hearing this news that Brady will stop the wedding.

By weeks end Nicole is happy as everything seems to be going without a hitch unaware that Sami is on her way to tell all. Fate seems to be against Sami however as she gets a flat tire and Max works to talk her out of going to the wedding. Adding to her issues Sami realizes Grace has a fever. Yet Nicole is far from safe as Mia shows up…


This week also sees Bo having another vision of Roman & Hope in bed. However this time he sees the date – today’s date. It just might come true as Roman & Hope are sent on a stakeout where they get trapped by a drug dealer in a hotel room. A desperate Bo races to find Roman and Hope, determined to make sure his vision doesn’t come to fruition.

Stephanie’s romantic plans with Philip get canceled as business interrupts. She then leaves, fed up that she can’t get his full attention. Philip then gets a called about a client who would like to meet him in a hotel. When he arrives he finds Stephanie inside dressed in very little. However danger lurks as Stefano put the hit out on Philip. He wants it to happen during the wedding, giving him a solid alibi. As Philip & Stephanie make love the hitman locates him and seeks to eliminate him.

Kate continues to create awkward situations for Chloe as she sets up Daniel to be a guest on the new show. Chloe & Daniel both try to back out, but Kate refuses to take no for answer. Yet her plan is damaged when the studio burns down. Maggie steps in, offering Chez Rouge as a backdrop.

Max meets the new waitress, Arianna, and is impressed. Chelsea then arrives and is shocked to find Max is thinking about going to med school.


{xtypo_sticky}Monday, April 13 – Sami vows to upset EJ’s life with her secret.

Tuesday, April 14 – Maggie offers her help to Kate.

Wednesday, April 15 – Bo busts a hotel door down expecting to find Roman & Hope.

Thursday, April 16 – Brady pulls away from Melanie’s kiss.

Friday, April 17 – The hit man tracks Philip down to his hotel room with Stephanie.{/xtypo_sticky}

COMING SOON: Week of April 20


  • Sami is stopped once again when Melanie brings an injured Brady into the pub.
  • Nicole’s dream wedding is interrupted.
  • Philip is shot.
  • Stefano & Victor face off.
  • Sami & EJ make a deal.
    Family & Friends wait for news on Philip.
  • Bo confronts Stefano.
  • Sami turns to Roman for help with Rafe.
  • Mia holds Sydney, but doesn’t feel a connection.
  • Brady & Victor face off with EJ and Nicole.


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