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GL Spoilers: Week of April 13

Olivia finally admits her feelings for Natalia.

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Natalia walks down the aisle thinking of Olivia

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Having just been released early from prison, Rafe suggests to Frank and his mom that they get married this week before he has to report to the halfway house. Rafe gives Frank a gift that overwhelms both Frank and Natalia. Meanwhile, Doris tries to convince Olivia not to let the wedding happen. Back at the house, Natalia asks Olivia to be her maid of honor, while Frank asks Buzz to be his best man. Olivia informs Natalia she’ll be moving out of the house, obvlivious to Natalia’s anxiety. Later Natalia seeks the guidance of Father Ray, wondering how to deal with feelings that she doesn’t understand. Father Ray suggests she should trust those feelings. Buzz shares his reservations regarding Frank and Natalia’s impending marriage with Olivia, who doesn’t share his feelings. Buzz later asks Frank if he loves Natalia enough to let her go, something that doesn’t sit too well with Frank.

Natalia heads to Gus’s grave to calm her nerves and witnesses Olivia who’s blaming Gus for bringing her and Natalia together. When Olivia spots Natalia, she admits her true feelings — that she’s in love with her! Olivia just wants Natalia to be happy, even if it’s with someone else. Olivia sees Natalia standing there, and tells her that she’s in love with her. Olivia tells Natalia that she wants her to have the life she deserves – even if it’s with someone else. Unfortunately Natalia doesn’t get a chance to respond because Olivia won’t allow her to.

At the church, Frank doesn’t find Mallet’s sense of humor amusing. Buzz gets Doris to perform the ceremony due to Father Ray being unavailable. Olivia assauges Frank’s fears before the wedding. Doris is impressed with Olivia for coming clean to Natalia. As the ceremony begins, you can’t help but wonder of Natalia will really go through with it. Though we won’t spoil it, we will say Natalia can’t keep her eyes off Olivia as she slowly walks down the isle.


Marina gives Rafe the go-ahead to try things out with Daisy again. Josh finds Roc on the ground. Reva worries about her sons and makes Josh and Jeffrey promise they won’t let anything happen to them. Dinah, checks her messages and learns that Shayne was headed to a photo shoot – and meeting Edmund there. Edmund corners Shayne, angrily calling him a liar about loving Lara and for hiding that he’s the reason she’s gone. Edmund grabs Dinah and when Shayne goes to save her, Edmund smacks him with a baseball bat. Billy “babysits” Reva. Edmund dressed as a doctor, takes baby Colin. Jeffrey and Josh see that Colin and Reva are missing. At Cross Creek, Reva and Edmund come face-to-face. Edmund wants to rob Shayne’s family the way Shayne robbed his – child for child. Don’t ever mess with momma bear Reva and her baby cubs!

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