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OLTL Previews: Week of April 13


OLTL Spoilers: Week of April 13

John and Todd team up to save Starr from Zach Rosen.

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I Need a (S)Hero

Zach taunts Todd by threatening to rape Starr, but then announces he plans to kill her instead. John and Todd join forces to rescue Cole and Starr. John surprises Zach and as they struggle, Todd picks up a gun and shoots. Marty confronts an injured Zach as he is lead away by the cops, which jolts her into having a memory. Although Nora tells John that a bloody knife was found in Zach’s motel room, John’s spidey senses tingle and he’s in doubt that Zach is the real serial killer. Upon further analysis of the bloody knife, there is evidence linking John himself to the killings, and the mayor seizes the opportunity and forces Bo to bring the hero in for questioning. Somebody is spying as Marty goes to see papa John to tell him about his step-daughter’s inappropriate behavior with her teacher, but as they’re talking, a strange noise draws John outside where he makes a gruesome discovery

Llanview’s newest shero, Destiny, yanks Justin’s and Becca’s chains by convincing them they could face legal ramifications for Mathew’s paralysis. She wants to be more help to Mathew but Shaun refuses to track down their brother.

Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

Although after his harrowing experience with Zach, Cole admits to Marty he’s still in love with Starr, he’s unable to share those feelings with Starr because he lifted drugs from Todd’s medicine cabinet and got high instead. Another surprise drug test sends Cole into a panic but Markko reluctantly gets him out of the jam. Langston tells Starr that Cole still loves her and Schuyler does not. Later Cole confesses to Starr that he was at Todd’s to tip him off about Schuyler, and they argue, but before Cole leaves, Starr tells him about the mystery surrounding baby Hope’s death, and they agree they must find the truth.

Schuyler catches Stacy conspiring with Kyle and jumps to the wrong conclusion. Roxy, Stacy and Kyle put their plan in motion.


Gigi wants Jessica to know that nothing happened between her and Brody, but when she realizes Rex is there she covers. Natalie and Jared destroy evidence to protect Jessica, and become godparents, although they continue to have difficulty justifying their decision. Todd tells Tea he knows exactly what she needs, then proceeds to deliver. Viki advises Clint about his relationship.


Schuyler wants another shot at romance with Stacy, and Jared and Natalie destroy evidence on Monday, April 13.

The hostage crisis ends on Tuesday, April 14.

The sexual tension is thick between Todd and Tea on Wednesday, April 15.

Todd and Tea make love, Brody apologizes to Jessica and Chloe is christened on Thursday, April 16.

John makes a gruesome discovery on Friday, April 17.

COMING SOON: Week of 4/20

The mayor demands John be brought in for attempted murder. Schuyler grows suspicious of Stacy. Rex’s father shows signs of life. Todd thinks John’s situation can work to his advantage. Viki realizes Todd still has feelings for Tea. Lola vows to get even with Langston and Markko. Antonio comes through for John. Things heat up between Todd and Tea.
Cole does the right thing. John says goodbye to Blair before going on the run. Nora is shocked to learn that Rachel is Cole’s counselor. David and Dorian sort out their feelings. Marty insists on helping John hunt down the killer. Schuyler wants to know what Stacy’s really up to. Kyle puts the squeeze on Roxy in exchange for his silence.

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