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GH Previews: Week of May 25


GH Spoilers: Week of May 25

Patrick reunites with Robin after she is released from in-patient treatment.

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Sonny and Carly clash over Michael with Edward who insists Michael is coming home to live at the Quartermaine mansion. Jason shares his past experience with Michael to ease fears Michael seems to be having when he has an unexpected burst of anger. Later, Carly insists he will be coming home to live with her and Jax. Jax tries to persuade Michael to give Carly another chance. Michael is pressured to remember the shooting when Claudia comes to visit him. While there, she lets it slip that she and Sonny are married. Jax and Carly argue over Michael, when he tells her it might be best if she keep her distance from Michael. On a visit with Jason, Michael questions him about the shooting. Sam and Jason are determined to find out the truth about Claudia’s involvement in the shooting. Michael takes an immediate liking to Claudia. Carly overhears Michael’s enthusiasm over Claudia’s pregnancy. Sonny doesn’t have a problem with Michael taking a shine to Claudia. Jason and Sam are close to the truth when they track down Fredo and he tells all to save his own skin.


Upon being released from her in-patient care, Robin and Patrick plan to meet at the restaurant where they had previously agreed to meet. Their reunion is a bit awkward but it’s still obvious to both, they are still in love. Robin returns home with the hopes of bonding with her daughter. Patrick watches as Robin reaches for Emma. Mother and daughter share a moment, which pleases both Robin and Patrick. Later, Robin warns Ethan not to believe all that Holly says. Holly pays Robin a visit and leaves feeling more guilty than she did before.


Johnny and Olivia agree they have no regrets. Claudia fears for her brother’s safety knowing Sonny knows he slept with Olivia, she gives Johnny a gun for his protection. Sonny pays an unexpected visit to Johnny at the garage and warns him to stay away from Olivia. Later, Johnny and Olivia decide it’s best they don’t have sex again until it’s for the right reasons, but the flirtation continues.


An emotional Holly keeps her story straight when she explains things to Luke. Maxie denies her feelings for Johnny as she tries to convince herself that Spinelli is the right guy for her. Ric suggests to Claudia they run off together. Lucky and Elizabeth find Rebecca at Wyndemere and are stunned to see how much she looks like Emily. Rebecca makes another mysterious phone call after she faces off with Elizabeth. When Carly wants to make love, Jax is reluctant. Carly asks Kelly if having sex can harm her unborn child. Holly goes to the Haunted Star to explain things to Ethan.

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Jason gets the goods on Claudia. Lulu urges Lucky to try and forgive Luke. Ethan turns his back on Holly. Jason has the power to blow Claudia out of the water. Michael tells Claudia he’s starting to remember things. Maxie covers for Johnny. Claudia is determined to keep Michael close by. Elizabeth is certain Rebecca is up to something. Michael takes his anger out on Robin. Claudia wants to put distance between Sonny and Carly. Rebecca comes face to face with Helena. Patrick grows concerned about Robin. Claudia and Carly’s altercation could result in tragedy. Rebecca’s secret is revealed. Jason has his hands full with Kristina.

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