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DAYS Spoilers: Week of May 25

Victor is confronted about his recent bad deeds.

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After learning of Owens refusal to hand over Stephanie, EJ decides to bluff his way through a trade with Philip in order to get Stefano back and save his life. Philip catches on and the two men are on the verge of fighting when Bo arrives with the Police and have everyone arrested. Stefano is sent to the hospital, where EJ reunites with him. Meanwhile Philip is able to get away. Stephanie is shocked to learn Own isn’t letting her go, but plans for the two of them to run away together.

When Philip & Melanie learn that Owens father runs the morgue She goes to him fishing for information on Owen. Finding no news they plan to sneak Philip in before closing and are forced to include Brady when he overhears the plan. Philip poses as a corpse to get into the morgue to find Stephanie. He is put on a slap and in a drawer where he overhears Stephanie crying next to him.


Bo and Victor lash out at each other. Bo decides to arrest EJ to get leverage in order to find Stephanie. Lexie makes a plead for Stefano to Abe to no avail. She later worries about damage to her family given all that is going on.

Caroline later confronts Victor on what he has done and then confesses to Sami she wishes she never told the truth about Bo’s parentage. Sami then informs Caroline that Rafe is adopting Grace with her and is shocked by Caroline’s less than happy view. Rafe shares with Caroline that he got a job as a construction worker but she is still weary of how little Sami & Rafe truly know each other.


Lucas turns to Maggie for advice when he thinks Daniel, Chloe, and Kate are keeping something from him. His thoughts deepen upon seeing her reaction. He later presses her for more upon having a flash of the night of the accident. Chloe soon arrives and Lucas takes off to the Mansion.

Victor fills Kate in and tells her not to worry. Daniel then has it out with Victor about what he is putting Philip and Brady through but Victor tells him to back off. When Chloe arrives and is insulted by Victor she turns to Daniel.

Brady informs Nicole that Mia is lying about being an addict to cover up her missing months from Salem so that Will won’t know she was pregnant. Nicole demands Mia end the relationship and is stunned when Mia refuses and threats she will tell the truth if Nicole doesn’t leave her alone.

Later, Mia accepts Will’s request for a date. The two have fun being teenagers until her cousin arrives to inform her that she is moving and Mia needs to find somewhere else to go. Maggie finds Mia upset and is worried about her relapsing. Meanwhile Will asks Victor if he can have a pool party but shuns Lucas who tries to find out who his new friends are.


{xtypo_sticky}Monday, May 25, 2009- Lucas confides his fears regarding Chloe to Maggie.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009- Philip and Melanie realize Owen is likely Stephanie’s kidnapper.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009- Caroline tells Sami she wishes she had never told Bo Victor was his father.

Thursday, May 28, 2009- Lexie’s fearful of how her brother and father’s dealings could affect her family.

Friday, May 29, 2009- Owen locks Melanie and Brady in the Kiriakis mausoleum.

COMING SOON: Week of June 1


  • Philip and Stephanie realize they’re lying in adjoining drawers in the morgue.
  • Bo and Hope are concerned that Philip, Brady, and Stephanie might all be in trouble.
  • Lucas presses Chloe to tell him what happened the night he was drinking.
  • Melanie learns about Brady’s past.
  • Lucas learns Will is dating a girl fresh out of rehab and tells him to end it.
  • Maggie insists that Mia move in with her.
  • Lucas thinks Sami is on the verge of telling EJ the truth.
  • Stephanie suffers a panic attack but keeps it secret.
  • Arriana warns Rafe he is too involved again and he urges to let go of the past.
  • Stephanie and Roman argue about her involvement with Philip.


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