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ATWT Previews: Week of May 25


ATWT Spoilers: Week of May 25

Will a plea from Meg bring Paul home?

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Alison receives an award at graduation, prompting Casey to coordinate a special family dinner to celebrate. Hunter finds out Larry wasn’t invited and tracks him down. A furious Emily lashes out at Hunter, and Hunter shows up to the dinner to head off Larry in case he does decide to come. When Larry shows up, Hunter admits he’s the one who invited him. Alison runs off and Susan adamantly refuses Larry’s apologies. Later, Alison and Casey run into Hunter, who is ashamed of his actions. Alison forgives him, but Casey scolds Hunter that he’ll be the one to help Alison from now on because he loves her. At Java, Larry weasels Alison’s whereabouts out of Hunter and takes off to find her. Larry starts to re-connect with Alison and then tracks down Susan, who agrees to put the past behind them. At Casey’s, Alison calls Casey out on telling Hunter that he loves her. Casey doesn’t deny it and the couple finally makes love for the first time.


Brad and Katie’s prayers are finally answered. Henry makes a deal with Brad, while Vienna makes a deal with Katie. After Paul catches Meg and Damian following Barbara, Paul flees and asks Rosanna if he and Eliza can stay with her for a while. The farm stand committee allows it and Rosanna warns Paul not to ruin the new life she’s made for herself, but little do they know, someone’s on to Paul. With her family’s help, Meg tapes a video message pleading for Paul to stop running and bring Eliza home. Parker steals money from Craig and blackmails Carly into covering, or he’ll tell Jack and Craig she hasn’t stopped drinking. Craig vents his worries to Jack, who confronts Carly. Later, Carly makes a show at the Lakeview and demands he stay out of her life. However, she might soon regret estranging all the people that care about her.

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DAYS Previews: Week of May 25

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