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AMC Previews: Week of May 18


AMC Spoilers: Week of May 18

A tragic fate befalls one resident in Pine Valley? Who’s the victim? Who’s the culprit?

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Ryan leads someone away from the mansion.  Jesse finds the victim of a gunshot wound. Thinking he’s firing at the fleeing murderer, Jesse makes a tragic mistake and ends up shooting someone else.  Meanwhile, another resident tries to flee the mansion grounds, but will the cops catch the mystery person before he/she makes a run for it?  Krystal and JR think they both know who the murder is.  Aidan takes off after JR tells him he saw someone with a gun running around.  Jesse makes an arrest when someone refuses to back down from his claim they committed the murder.  Jesse suspects Ryan.  Jesse later questions Krystal, who later gets her story straight.  The surgeon cautions that person Jesse accidentally shot might suffer some long term effects after having the bullet removed from his/her brain.  JR makes a shocking discovery.


Annie is hiding out in the Chandler attic with Emma and an unconscious Pine Valley resident.   Aidan realizes Emma had been taken from the nursery and heads to Ryan’s hoping to find her there.  Ryan searches the mansion for Annie and Emma and finds evidence they’d been in the attic.  Aidan comes face to face with Annie in the cellar at the penthouse.  Annie saves someone’s life.  Annie calls Ryan and does the right thing by taking Emma back home.  After Ryan allows her to spend time with Emma, Annie appears to be on the road to redemption when she turns herself in.

Colby gives Liza the cold shoulder.  Liza asks Colby to back up her alibi for the night of the murder.  Someone confesses to the murders.  Krystal pleads with someone to runaway with her, but they refuse.  Jake won’t go along with Liza’s plan to pass Amanda’s baby off as her own.  Kendall is shocked and thrilled to learn that Ian is still alive.

COMING SOON: Week of 5/25…

Liza points the finger. Jesse faces a difficult dilemma. Some close to Krystal dodges a bullet. Jesse knows someone is lying about the murder. Liza’s secret is about to be exposed. Amada receives a dire warning. Someone thinks Liza should be the one behind bars. Another person is arrested for murder. Pine Valley gathers to remember one of their beloved. Liza faces off with a notable PV resident. Krystal reaches her breaking point. The accused swears they are no murderer.

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