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GH Previews: Week of May 18


GH Spoilers: Week of May 18

Michael awakes from his coma.

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Michael walks up to find Lulu at his side and has no memory of the past.  Lulu tells Sonny that Michael is awake, and later tells Jason to let Carly know.  Sonny shares an emotional reunion with Michael.  Michael is hurt that Sonny and Carly weren’t there when he woke up.  Claudia worries that Michael will remember her confessing her guilt during her visits.  Edward and Monica warn Sonny that they will never let him put Michael in danger again.  Olivia defends Sonny to the Q’s.  Michael doesn’t hide the fact that he’s annoyed with his mother.  Jax warns Michael not to upset Carly, and later reveals she’s pregnant.  Michael remains distant and angry with Carly.  Carly blames Jax for Michael’s behavior toward her.  A shocked Carly overhears Michael telling Lulu how he really feels about his mother.  Jason advices Carly to give Michael time and space.  An amused Lulu watches Michael play Edward, who pressures him to come live with the Q’s.  Carly continues to further push Michael away.  Michael’s like is in jeopardy.


Holly arrives on Patrick’s doorstep looking for a place to stay.  Holly puts the charms on Patrick.  Meanwhile, Luke finds Holly and demands answers.  Holly offers Luke a deal.  Holly and Tracy battle it out over Luke.  Tracy admits to Lulu that she tampered with Luke Ethan’s DNA test, but never saw the results.  Luke and Lucky clash over Ethan. Elizabeth tries to make Luke see how much his easy acceptance of Ethan is hurting Lucky.  Holly has answers for Luke and Ethan. Lulu is stunned when Ethan reveals they might be brother and sister.


Johnny and his hot Mrs. Robinson aka Olivia hit the sheets on Wednesday, May 20. Oh my will Sonny think? Claudia confronts Olivia about sleeping with Johnny.  Sonny warns Olivia to stay away from Johnny.  Johnny lets Claudia know that she can’t control his life and brushes her off.  Maxie is hurt when she learns Johnny slept with Olivia.  Alexis grills Rebecca. Agent Raynor agrees to help Alexis, only if she goes out on a date with him.  Elizabeth catches Rebecca wearing Emily’s dress.  Spinelli bugs Kate’s office to try and find out why she’s sabotaging Crimson.  Kate learns Olivia slept with Johnny and calls her on it as Spinelli listens in.  

COMING SOON: Week of 5/25…

Edward clashes with Sonny and Carly when he demands Michael come live with the Quartermaines. Holly is emotional when as she sticks to her story as to who Ethan’s true father is..and it ain’t Luke (or so she says). Michael is a changed young man. Robin reunites with Patrick and returns home. Johnny and Olivia have no regrets. Sonny warns Johnny to stay away from Olivia. Ric has an offer for Claudia. Patrick is thrilled to have his family back. Claudia probes Michael to see what he remembers. Robin cautions Ethan not to believe everything Holly says. Jason promises Michael he’ll uncover the truth about his shooting. Jason is on a mission to prove Claudia’s guilt. Holly comes clean with Luke and Ethan. Carly’s hurt when she sees Michael with Claudia, as Michael has taking an immediate liking to Claudia. Jax is afraid of being intimate with Carly for fear of hurting the baby.

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