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OLTL Previews: Week of May 18


OLTL Spoilers: Week of May 18

Natalie and Jared reveal the truth to Vicki.

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Jared and Natalie find Brody at Llanfair, so Jessica has to come clean that they’re lovers.  The newlyweds worry how to tell Jessica the truth about her notdaughter, and Jessica knows they’re keeping something from her.  Rebecca takes Chloe/Hope from Llanfair and brings her to Powell where he’s holding Todd and Marty.  The trauma of being held hostage unleashes all of Marty’s memories, including giving birth to Cole and marrying Patrick.  Powell announces to the surprised grandparents “It’s a girl!”, and then proceeds to explain how the baby fits into his scheme to seek revenge against Todd.


Marty psychoanalyzes Powell and convinces him he saved her by helping her get her memory back.  Powell places the baby in Marty’s arms but Todd’s apparent relief infuriates Powell, who threatens to slit Todd’s throat. 

Chloe is discovered missing from Llanfair sending Jessica and Brody on the search for her.  The stress causes Jessica to have memories of Chloe’s birth, so overwhelming her that she passes out and Brody rushes her to the hospital.  Back at Llanfair, Natalie and Jared tell the rest of the family, including Bo, that Kyle may be responsible for Chloe’s/Hope’s disappearance.  Clint, Viki and Charlie are stunned when Natalie and Jared reveal the rest of the story, and are heartbroken when they realize Jessica will have to be told the truth.


John finds Kyle at Todd’s and roughs him up a bit, then calms Jack down enough to find out what happened. John escapes a syringe wielding Rebecca and rushes to rescue Marty After rescuing Todd and Marty, John sets out to save Tea and Blair, who are locked in the boiler room at the frat house on the verge of succumbing to a gas leak.  Fearing this is the end, Blair and Tea confess that Todd is the love of their lives.  Tea has another secret, but loses consciousness before she can tell.  John finds the pair near death and carries Blair from danger.  Before John can return to rescue Tea, Rebecca intervenes yet again, and there is a gas explosion.  Tea is rushed to the hospital after being pulled from the debris.

Everybody converges at Llanview Hospital where Todd and Marty have taken Hope to get checked out.  Viki and Clint are there to check on Jessica and confirm that Chloe is actually Hope, and Marty and Todd agree to let them break the news to their daughter.  Jessica hears the baby’s cries and rushes to retrieve her notdaughter from Marty.  Marty pulls Blair aside and tells her about Hope.  When Jessica and the baby are discovered missing from the hospital, Viki quickly realizes Bess has reemerged.  Although Jessica resurfaces briefly when Brody calls, Bess quickly regains control and continues driving away from Llanview.  Todd is stricken to learn that Tea’s injuries are life threatening.

When Shane falls ill, Rex rushes him to the hospital, but it’s a false alarm.  Stacy, however, remains annoyed by the bond between Rex and Gigi.  Gigi orders Shane to pack up and come home with her.  Kyle demands payback from Stacy. 

Michael and Marcie tell Starr and Cole that the baby buried in Hope’s grave is not their child. 


After suffering through the traumatic memories of the night she was raped, Marty has a breakthrough and starts to remember the good things such as falling in love with Patrick and giving birth to Cole on Monday, May 18.

Natalie and Jared stun Viki, Clint and Charlie with their news about Chloe.  Jessica has a flashback involving Bess on the night Chloe was born on Tuesday, May 19.

Todd and Marty marvel that this baby really could be their grandchild.  Jessica is reunited with Chloe. Meanwhile, Tea and Blair lose consciousness before Tea can reveal the secret she’s been keeping on Wednesday, May 20.

Michael and Marcie tell Starr and Cole that the baby buried in Hope’s grave isn’t Hope.  Viki, Clint and Brody discover Jessica and Chloe missing from the hospital on Thursday, May 21.

Blair shares an emotional reunion with her children.  Jessica emerges briefly after answering a call from Brody but Bess soon regains control as she and the baby drive further and further away from Llanview.  Todd is stricken when Michael admits Tea’s injuries are life-threatening on Friday, May 22.

COMING SOON: Week of 5/25

Matthew’s life is in jeopardy, Tess and Bess don’t agree, Nora tells Bo she’s engaged.  John and Marty feel the connection.  Blair and Tea agree to keep their secrets.  Blair, Todd and Marty prepare to tell Cole and Starr that Hope lives.  Bess comes face to face with Brody.  Schuyler tells Gigi his suspicions about Stacy and they join forces to expose her.

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