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GL Previews: Week of May 18


GL Spoilers: Week of May 18

Shayne realizes Dinah suspects he had something to do with Edmund’s death.

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{xtypo_sticky}Natalia talks to Father Ray about her feelings for Olivia.

James uses Bill’s name to get what he wants.

Reva watches Edmunds body taken away.

Remy finds a way to help his father.{/xtypo_sticky}


Remy is unable to save Edmunds life, however he is able to stash away a bag of diamonds he finds in the coat Edmund was wearing before Mallet takes it into evidence. Upon questioning Remy & Christina Mallet realizes that they might have heard the person who killed Edmund. Josh soon shows up to inform Reva & Jeffrey that Edmund is dead. The three all become suspicious of each other but speak nothing of it.

Olivia informs Jeffrey she witnessed Reva and Edmund argue earlier in the day. When she is called out on this Reva admits she was making a deal with Jeffrey and when police arrive to question the couple Jeffrey takes attention off Reva. Shayne & Dinah discuss Edmunds death and he realizes she thinks he did it. Dinah wonders why she has not been questioned yet and is informed by Mallet she is not very high on the suspect list while Josh & Shayne make sure their stories match up for the police. Later, Shayne is shocked to learn mallet thinks his mother is the one whom killed Edmund.


Olivia & Natalia have a heart to heart conversation with the two deciding to take things slowly. They also agree to set up some sort of a time table to tell Emma, Rafe, and the town of their relationship. Olivia admits she’s scared, but feels it is worth it. James & Daisy share time together and he figures out a plan to save himself. When Alan realizes his car is gone, he confronts Philip accusing James. When Philip realizes he needs to get Bill out of town to help James, he sends Lizzie and Bill to Chicago and the two set a wedding date for the fall and start to make wedding plans.

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