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GH Previews: Week of June 29


GH Spoilers: Week of June 29

Maxie disappointed to learn Spinelli’s courtly love means no sex.

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The Con is Still On

Rebecca shows up at Wyndemere with a horror flick to watch with Nikolas. She confronts Ethan in secret when she notices him spying on them. Ethan reminds Rebecca that Nikolas is their mark and not a conquest. To prove she is loyal to the cause, Rebecca pulls Ethan in for a kiss. Ethan becomes upset when Rebecca tells him she is staying the night with Nikolas instead of leaving with him. Elizabeth encounters a drunken Ethan who seems to be about to spill the beans about the con game. Nikolas asks Rebecca to move in to Wyndemere with him. Rebecca agrees to move in but makes a quick getaway when Ethan threatens to blow it for her if she doesn’t meet him. Ethan is concerned Rebecca is losing focus on the prize, but she reassures him she is very much in the con game. Rebecca is struggling with her emotions while Lulu and Nikolas have misconceptions about Ethan and Rebecca.

Michael Has a New Home

Carly is furious when she learns Sonny bought an expensive sports car for Michael, but Jason convinces her to let him keep it. She tells Sonny she thinks it’s best for Michael to move in with the Quartermaines. Jason explains why he cannot move back into the Q mansion with Michael. Sonny is reluctant to allow Michael to live with the Quartermaines and insists Michael lives elsewhere. Jason doesn’t like the idea either but it’s the safest place for Michael. Jax blackmails Claudia into encouraging Sonny to let MIchael live with Edward and Monica. Claudia quickly turns the tables on Jax and reminds him Carly would be crushed if she knew he kept the truth from her about Michael’s shooting. Sonny fights the decision but ultimately gives in to Michael living wtih the Quartermaines. Michael is angry with Sonny and Jason giving in to Carly’s wishes. Jax tries to help Carly cope with a teenage son. Michael isn’t living in the mansion long and he already has Edward wrapped around his finger. Carly is in a panic when she finds out Edward allowed MIchael to take Morgan out for a spin in his new sports car.

Dirty Laundry

Alexis faces the cameras and the press after Mayor Floyd told them about the affair. Kristina is completely embarrassed when she learns of Alexis’ affair with the Mayor and throws it in her mother’s face when Alexis catches her alone with Michael. Kristina doesn’t give her mother any slack regarding the affair. Robin tells Alexis she thinks Mayor Floyd is innocent and lets Alexis in on her new theory. When the chips are down, Diane proves to be Alexis’ friend. Kristina thinks her mother is a hypocrite for having an affair with a married man.


Maxie tries to seduce Spinelli. He tries to explain to her about a relationship that doesn’t involve sex. Coleman asks Spinelli and Maxie for advice about making his bar more profitable. Johnny refuses to help Dominic in his plans to take down Sonny’s organization. Spinelli has plans to woo Maxie.

COMING SOON: Week of 7/06

Sonny has a job for Jason and Johnny. Carly makes an unexpected move. Alexis is being set up for a fall. Sonny has a closer tie to his enemy than he could ever imagine. Carly and Sonny reach an agreement about Michael. Kristina believes the worst about Alexis. Ethan puts demands on Rebecca. Things aren’t looking good for Spinelli. Patrick grows suspicious of Alexis. Johnny thinks Olivia still has a thing for Sonny. Ethan threatens to expose Rebecca. Alexis suffers the consequences of the scandal with the Mayor. Claudia’s troubles continue to mount. Olivia’s actions belie her words. Ethan is growing increasingly jealous of Nikolas.

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