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ATWT Previews: Week of June 29


ATWT Spoilers: Week of June 29

Emily begins to put the pieces together; Noah is kidnapped.

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{xtypo_sticky}Paul pits Damian and Dusty against each other.

Casey agrees to keep Margo?s secret.

Alison is shocked by a kiss from Hunter.

Emily puts the pieces together and confronts Larry.{/xtypo_sticky}


Attempting to console Hunter after learning his mother has died, Alison brushes Casey off, not knowing Margo was shot. Once she realizes her mistake, she apologizes to Casey, but he brushes her off in return. Distraught, she seeks comfort from Hunter and they kiss. Meanwhile, Susan learns the eggs Larry recovered aren’t Emily’s and tells her daughter. Seeking an explanation, Emily confronts Larry, who denies he did any wrong. Emily runs into Hunter, who tells her about his mother passing away and the trouble he’s having with finding his real father. Suspicious, Emily begins to put the pieces together and decides to do some detective work of her own. Meanwhile, Hunter is unaware that the truth regarding his puzzling parentage is right in front of him.


Colonel Mayer kidnaps Noah and reveals he was the one who stole Noah’s DVD. When he’s rescued by Damian and Luke, Damian urges Noah to turn his father in. After secretly onsetting fights with Damian and then Dusty, Paul takes joy in comforting a distraught Meg. Sage makes a decision that highly upsets her mother, while Rosanna becomes worried about Carly. When Margo comes to after being shot, she reveals that Riley is his brother. Still hesitant to believe, he confronts Riley, who admits the chance at being a better person was too good to pass up, especially when he was mistaken for the real Riley after an explosion disfigured his face. Upon hearing pleas from his brother and his mother, Casey agrees to keep Riley’s identity a secret from Tom for just a little while longer.

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