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OLTL Previews: Week of June 29


OLTL Spoilers: Week of June 29

Jessica and Brody heat things up this week on One Life to Live.

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A Sigh Is Just A Sigh

Gigi confesses everything to Rex, but Stacy interrupts them before Rex has time to respond to the revelations. Gigi is devastated when Rex tells her that he’s with Stacy now and nothing she can say will change things. Later Rex shows up at Gigi’s and surprises her with a passionate kiss. He explains that he had to continue to let Stacy believe they were together so they can find out what she’s hiding.

Jared and Natalie press Kyle for answers, but all he can share is the donor is in Room 302 at the Boutet Clinic. When the trio arrives at the clinic they hit a brick wall. Jared and Natalie confront Roxy after Kyle reveals she has a safety stash of the donor’s stem cells, but the stem cells were snatched from Roxy by Gayle Collins (the mystery donor’s nurse). Just as Rex is trying to confess to Gigi that he slept with Stacy, Natalie and Jared arrive with the bad news that they came up empty handed. Meanwhile Gayle Collins shows up at Stacy’s and gives her the stem cells, and tells the baffled ballerina that the mystery donor is on her side.

Gigi’s not happy when Rex insists he must continue to play Stacy until they find out who the donor is. Rex returns home and searches for the stem cells without success. Rex wards off Stacy’s advances.


Todd relents to Starr’s demands that he consent to her marriage to Cole, but he fully intends to use Cole’s time in prison to pry them apart permanently. John agrees to return to the LVPD if Bo arranges for Cole to go undercover, instead of to prison, but the judge isn’t receptive to the deal. Todd can’t put his feelings for Tea into words, but it doesn’t stop them from hitting the hay. Blair realizes Todd and Tea slept together and admits to Addie that it bothers her. Dorian and Markko have difficulty convincing all the required invitees to show up for her dinner party. Shaun disses brother Greg for ditching Destiny for a date. Fish runs into Kyle at Capricorn where he’s meeting Layla for their date.


Gigi awaits Rex’s response to the truth, Roxy winds up in a dangerous standoff with Gayle Collins, Natalie and Jared “squeeze” Kyle on Monday, June 29.

Clint asks Bo to be his best man, Rex tries to tell Gigi he slept with Stacy, Natalie and Jared confront Roxy, Gayle Collins hand delivers the stem cells to Stacy on Tuesday, June 30.

Fish runs into Kyle at Capricorn, Stacy discovers an ally, Todd and Tea fall into the sack, Brody and Jessica spend the night together, and Jared and Natalie make time for romance on Wednesday, July 1.

Marty gives Cole the ring Patrick gave to her, Langston helps Starr prepare for her wedding, John negotiates with the judge, and Dorian and Markko try to persuade everyone to attend Dorian’s dinner party on Thursday, July 2.

Friday, July 3 is a repeat of the episode originally aired on March 18. Nora and Marty have an emotional confrontation. Cole and Matthew clear the air before Cole is led to jail.

COMING SOON: Week of 7/06

Rex comes up with a plan to nail Stacy, but Gigi remains unaware that Rex and Stacy had sex, until Stacy gloats about it. Dorian prays her plan succeeds, while Markko vows nothing will keep him from Langston.

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