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AMC Previews: Week of June 29


AMC Spoilers: Week of June 29

Will Kendall’s worst fears come true?

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Trying to Catch a Killer

Tad begins to remember things about the night Stuart died. Ryan believes the woman Tad remembers seeing was Annie, but when he takes Tad to see North, Ryan’s good intentions become bad for Kendall. Madison warns Zach her husband could very easily send Kendall to prison for killing Stuart. Erica is able to get Kendall away from Annie, and later Ryan and Erica begin to realize the situation for Kendall doesn’t look good at all. Adam starts to believe Annie is innocent. Aiden lends his theory of how he thinks Annie killed Stuart when Annie busts him for spying on her. Kendall tries to persuade Tad to lie on the witness stand at her trial coming up. Zach warns Randi to stay away from North, but Randi wants to help Kendall and pays North a visit at his hotel room with the intention to make a deal. Kendall begins to have nightmares about her upcoming trial. Zach and Ryan are concerned Kendall will do something stupid and she’ll end up in more trouble. Annie tells Adam all she remembers about the night Stuart was killed, but she isn’t all that honest about the details. Adam wants to call the cops on Aiden after Annie catches him spying, but Annie insists he doesn’t. Annie goes after Erica after Erica confronts her about Stuart’s murder.

Babynapper’s Woes

Tad narrowly escapes a run in with a cop and reaches the mansion in time before Jake and Liza’s plan goes awry. Jake and Liza convince everyone she gave birth in the basement. Liza is relieved when Amanda doesn’t recognize the newborn as her own. Tad fakes a heart attack to draw attention away from Liza and the baby. Liza tells Colby she decided to name the newborn Stuart. Amanda cannot stop thinking about Liza’s baby and asks Jake who he gave her baby to. Colby tells her mom she wants to live with her and help her raise the baby. Jake tells Amanda he gave her baby to a loving family who will give her son a very loving home. Tad urges Jake to tell Amanda the truth.

Elsewhere in Pine Valley

Zach learns of the history Randi and North share. JR confesses to Marissa that he was thinking about Babe when he kissed her. Ryan and Aiden work together to prove Annie’s guilt in killing Stuart. Scott and JR come to an impasse.

COMING SOON: Week of 7/06

Kendall turns to Ryan for help with her latest plan on Monday, July 6.

Adam tests Annie on Tuesday, July 7.

Frankie senses something is troubling Randi on Wednesday, July 8.

David’s convinced Jake and Liza are hiding something on Thursday, July 9.

Kendall finds Erica and Ryan in an awkward moment on Friday, July 10

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