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DAYS Previews: Week of June 29


DAYS Spoilers: Week of June 29

Sami has questions about Rafe’s past; Melanie sets out on a mission.

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Babies & Ex’s

Nicole takes Johnny to see Sami in a secret meeting while EJ & Stefano meet with a judge to secure Johnny’s fate will be with the DiMeras. Nicole informs Johnny he must keep seeing Sami a secret. She then works to get EJ to drop his fight with Sami for the good of everyone.  Sami finds herself questioning Rafe about Nicole as well as Emily and is shocked when she sees another side of him. After investing Nicole’s connection to Mia Rafe decides to take flowers to Graces gravesite. When Sami arrives she is shocked to find him at another grave. The two fight and argue over keeping things from each other before eventually making up, and making love.

Around Town

Melanie almost tells Philip about Stephanie’s pills but decides not too since she promised Steph she wouldn’t. After that she has a run in with Brady and tries to push him to ask Arianna out. When he dismisses the idea, she turns to Maggie looking for a way to bring them together. Melanie then goes on to invite both Brady & Arianna, separately, to help get the Horton cabin ready for summer.

Stephanie turns to Father Matt for advice on her relationship with Philip. She is unsure about being able to handle his lifestyle and the Kiriakis way. Philip then press’ her about the pills she is taking she decides to end the relationship.

Daniel and Chloe both open up to Maggie about the love they feel for each other. Kate poisons a fruit basket sent from Daniel and persuades Chloe to eat an apple before going to Java Café. At the Café Chloe runs into Daniel and Kate secretly tapes their conversation and takes off to edit it before Chloe pass’ out in Daniel’s arms.


Monday June 29 – Bo dreams about his vision with Zack and he confides in Hope.

Tuesday June 30 – Sami questions Arianna about Rafe’s past.

Wednesday July 1 – Chloe tells Lucas she will be fine and he leaves before she collapses.

Days of Our Lives will be pre-empted on Thursday and Friday for the Fourth of July holiday. New episodes will resume on Monday, July 6.

COMING SOON: Week of July 6

  • Sami finds out Emily was once engaged to Rafe but died.
  • Nicole & Stefano call each other out.
  • Nathan comes upon a naked Melanie.
  • Chad tells Will that he’s Mia’s boyfriend.
  • Nicole realizes Stephanie may tell a judge what EJ did to her to help Sami.
  • Brady & Nathan end up almost naked together.
  • Philip turns to Bo for help dealing with a broken heart.
  • EJ goes to call a truce with Sami but is infuriated to find Rafe moving in.
  • Chloe spots Kate’s scarf at Daniel’s apartment.
  • Stephanie meets Nathan and the two discuss life.

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