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‘Days’ Hunk Trevor Donovan Is 90210’s New ‘Golden Boy’


With season 2 on the horizon, 90210 showrunner Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair’s vision for the series is being to take some shape. Continuing on with her revamp that started earlier this year, the series has filled the void left by season one golden boy Dustin Milligan (Ethan) with model turned soap actor Trevor Donovan.

Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello exclusively reported former Days of Our Lives hottie Donovan (ex-Jeremy Horton) would be heading to West Beverly as a character named Teddy. According to Ausiello, Teddy is West Bev’s version of JFK Jr. He’s “gorgeous, smart, athletic, charming, naturally confident” and more. We’re hoping we see a lot of his washboard abs and killer smile. The role is heavily recurring he’s expected to debut somewhere in the beginning of the season.

Donovan surely increases the level of hunks on a show that already has Matt Lanter (Liam), Tristan Wilds (Dixon) and the man only gets better looking with age, Rob Estes (Harry). But we’ve seen pretty, vapid acting last season. Being cute will only take you so far. We’re a little afraid that that 90210 will end up having buyer’s remorse.

We’ve seen first hand what Donovan can do as an actor, and though we eventually grew to like Donovan during his dreadful stint on NBC’s Days of Our Lives in 2007, most of his run was a hot mess. By the time he seemed to “get” his role, he was already out the door, and most wrote him off as nothing but a pretty face. We know 90210 cast him as the golden boy, but here’s a hint guys, he played Jeremy very well when he was tapping into his inner douchebag. Write to his strength!

Now if we turn into 90210 this fall and Donovan has improved and does a good job, we’ll be the first to admit we may have overreacted. But if not…


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