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AMC Spoilers: Week of June 15

Liza infuriates Ryan when she represents Adam in court.

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Jake, David, Liza, Amanda and The Baby

Liza tells Tad the truth about her invovlement with Amanda’s baby, which he objects too. As he remembers the ordeal he went through with Kathy, Tad believes that no parent should go through life believing their child is dead, even David. Liza pleads to Tad to not tell the truth. As Amanda prepares to give her baby to Jake, she shares an emotional goodbye to her newborn. David tracks down Jake and Amanda in Barbados and barges into the delivery room. Jake tells David the baby died, but David insists on seeing the body. Jake worries that David will eventually find out the truth. Amanda breaksdown as she tells David that their baby died. Liza freaks out when Jake say’s she might not get Amanda’s baby after all. Jake assures Amanda her baby will have a great life. Amanda remembers holding her newborn son.

An Unlikely Friendship….

After recieving word that Ian is ok, Kendall tells Zach she wants to move back home. Kendall admits to Ryan she doesn’t know what she wants. Just as Ryan reaches out to her, Kendall runs out on him. Ryan remembers Greenlee and gets a mysterious phone call. Adam tells Ryan that he’s helping Annie because she saved his life and refuses to walk away from her. Adam accuses Kendall of murdering Stuart. After telling him she doesn’t believe Kendall killed Stuart, she pulls him into a kiss. Adam and Liza make a deal: She will represent Annie in court if he helped her rebuild her relationship with Colby. Ryan is furious when he learns Liza is representing Adam. Annie overhears Erica tell Adam that she’ll make sure Annie will spend the rest of her life behind bars. Ryan refuses to help Liza build a case for Annie. Liza proves to be a shark in the courtroom and Adam let’s Annie stay at the mansion, while being on house arrest. Annie can’t be around any minors, so JR and Little A move out. Erica and Ryan are outraged at the court’s ruling, while Adam and Annie are up to something.

Those crazy Hayward’s

Krystal reaches out to Marissa. Marissa realizes that she can’t fill in the void in David’s life. While David is drowning his sorrows, he pushes Marissa away as she tries to make an effort to get closer to him. Krystal proves she understands David more than anyone else could. An accident occurs. David is arrested for drunk driving. Krystal collapses in Tad’s arms. David tries to get to the hospital. Krystal knows David cares for her, but refuses to let him back in her life. Marissa finds friendship in JR, who tells him that she blames herself for the death of her adopted parents.

Elsewhere in Pine Valley

Aidan denies helping Annie when Ryan confronts him. Zach believes going after Henry North is the only way to protect Kendall. Randi fights for Frankie and let’s him know she’s not giving up on their marraige. Taylor and Brot realize that their relationship isn’t what it used to be. Brot gets an eyeful when he sees Taylor and Tad having a laugh. Frankie shuts down on everyone as he struggles to come to terms with what’s happened to him. Randi is shaken when she runs into Henry North. Marissa and Krystal worry what David might do if he loses another child. JR is pleased when he sees Marissa and Little A. bond. Henry North orders Jesse to gather more evidence to use against Kendall.

COMING SOON: Week of 6/22…

On Monday 6/22, Erica and Ryan are determined to stop Annie in her tracks. Amanda is overwhelmed by recent events on, Tuesday, 6/23. Frankie pushes his family away on Wednesday, 6/24. JR and Marissa end up sharing a kiss on Thursday 6/25, while Liza springs into action to keep her plan alive, on Friday 6/25.

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