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AMC Previews: Week of June 8


AMC Spoilers: Week of June 8

David confesses to killing Stewart!

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Zach accuses David of murdering Stuart. Memories of the night of the murder come flashing back to Kendall, who believes she saw David running around the Chandler mansion the night of the murder. David leaves Pine Valley after being blamed for the murders, but Marissa urges him to change his mind. David stays and proves his innocence. Jesse questions David. Jesse finds the proof he needs, while Ryan and Zach convince the DA to name David as the prime suspect. David confesses to Jesse, but Jesse isn’t buying it. David tells Jesse that he saw Liza standinG over Stuart’s body. Krystal is uneasy when she sees David and Marissa bonding. David spills his guts to Marissa, who still stands by his side, despite learning all the horrible things David has done to the residents of Pine Valley.


Colby considers moving out of the mansion, but Adam tries to get JR to stop her, but he supports Colby’s decision. Liza wishes Colby would move in with her. Colby refuses to forgive Adam for not giving her the letters Liza wrote to her. JR questions Adam’s new friendship with Annie. Adam clashes with Aidan over Annie, who later sends Aidan away. Erica wants Aidan to keep Annie far away from Adam, but Aidan believes it should be the other way around. Adam protects Annie. Ryan questions Adam&’s motives for helping Annie.


Jake proposes to Amanda. Tad gets ordained as a minister, so he can marry the two right away. The ceremony is interrupted by an unwelcome guest. Tad punches out David when he tries to stir up trouble at the ceremony. Zach and Liza make a deal. Zach and Kendall share a surprising moment after receiving good news about Ian. Kendall apologizes to Jake for turning to Ryan and hurting him. Liza doesn’t react too well, when David accuses her of throwing out her case. Liza tries to contact Jake on her honeymoon and he tells her everything is going to plan. Amanda goes into labor unexpectedly. Amanda gives the newborn to Jake and tells him she doesn’t want to see it. Tad gets suspicious of Liza. Marissa tries to convince David not to take Amanda’s baby from her. Ryan tells Aidan off. Emma comes up with a plan so she can see Annie.

COMING SOON: Week of 6/15

Amanda faces a difficult decision, while Krystal and Marissa fear what David will do next. Tad realizes what Liza is up to. Erica wants to take care of Annie once and for all. Randi refuses to give up on Frankie. Zach and Ryan clash over Kendall. Zach and Kendall come up with a plan. Ryan receives a mysterious phone call.

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