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AMC Previews: Week of June 1


AMC Spoilers: Week of June 1

Jake has plans for Amanda’s baby.

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Colby is stunned to learn that Jake not Adam was supposed to be her father. Liza is worried when she learns Colby knows the truth. Colby reads the letters Adam kept from her and realizes that her mother does love her. Liza and Colby have a chat regarding their complicated history, and later Colby sees a new understanding of her parents. Colby forgives Liza for keeping the truth from her, yet the closeness is shattered when Colby sees blood on one of the letters. Colby puts two and two together when she realizes Liza had been at the Chandler mansion the night Stuart was shot and accuses her of shooting him. Liza tries to explain to Colby why she was there and claims her innocence. Pete and Colby reflect on their dysfunctional parents.


Hurting from Krystal walking out on him, David tries to explain himself to Amanda. Liza wants Jake to promise that he won’t try to take Amanda’s baby back once he gives it to her. Jake comes up with a plan. David gets violent with Krystal when he begs her to stay with him, but Krystal insists she and David are through. Scott punches out David. Jake tells Liza how he will hand the baby over to her, once it’s born. Jake later tells the plan to Amanda, but doesn’t mention Liza. Scott and Krystal accuse David of being the killer. Pete believes Liza is the killer. Marissa reaches out to David despite Krystal warning her to stay away from him. David has a vision of Babe, who urges him to do the right thing.


Marissa let’s Scott know she knows who the murderer is. Ryan confronts Annie after seeing a drawing of Emma made of a woman holding a gun. Ryan heads to the Chandler mansion and demands answers from Adam. Someone lets Ryan know of Annie’s innocence. Frankie pushes Randi away after surgery. Angie fights for her son and tells Randi not to give up on her husband. Frankie is distraught after learning he’ll never be able to become a surgeon.

COMING SOON: Week of 6/8…

Annie finds an unlikely friend. Liza makes a deal with David. David gives Jesse his account of the night of the murder. Liza ensures her secret is kept. Amanda gives birth

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