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ATWT Previews: Week of June 8


ATWT Spoilers: Week of June 8

Dusty and Meg clash over Paul.

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At prom, Liberty’s relieved that Parker’s not coming since he dropped out. However, Parker soon arrives and in turn, picks a fight with the guy Liberty’s dancing with. Janet, Jack, and Carly break it up and escort Parker back home. Parker sneaks over to Emma’s to apologize to Liberty, and she isn’t happy. After Parker leaves, Janet comforts her daughter. Carly tells Craig she and her family don’t need his help and takes a drink as soon as he leaves. Brad sets it up so that Katie can watch the live taping of his show with Vienna. An extra cancels and Vienna prompts Henry to play the part. The whole production turns slapstick, agitating Kim, who shuts it down. Later, Brad learns from Kim that people loved how the show was unpredictable and tells him they have their show. Although Brad’s excited, Katie’s hesitant.


Meg and Dusty don’t see eye to eye when Meg announces she’s not pressing charges against Paul. Meanwhile, Dusty and Bonnie grow closer. Craig tries to make right with Rosanna, but neither she nor Carly are ready to accept his apologies for his past misdeeds. A jealous Derek grills Bonnie. Emily gets some very unsettling news from Bob. Unbeknownst to Rosanna, Paul pulls one over on Craig. Noah’s suspicions of Riley’s army life leave everyone wondering if he’s really who he says he is; except for Margo, that is. Meg and Dusty face off about Damian and Paul. After Hunter learns from his ailing mother that his father isn’t his actual father, Alison tries her best to comfort her new friend. Carly loses control, and endangers lives in the process. Craig’s sudden change of character leaves Rosanna puzzled.

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