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ATWT Previews: Week of June 15


ATWT Spoilers: Week of June 15

Noah’s film is nearing completion, until it’s stolen!

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While Hunter and Alison watch a sci-fi movie together, Larry continues to mend fences with his daughter. Alison’s thankful for Hunter’s role in accomplishing the reunion and agrees to go see Hunter’s mother at the nursing home. Having just had a stroke, Aurora addresses her son as Tristan and begs him for help escaping. When she starts talking about his father, Hunter gets uncomfortable and along with Alison, heads to Java to clear his head and get some good advice from his friend. Meanwhile, Margo’s upset when she comes home and discovers that Riley has left. After an argument with Casey, Margo finally finds Riley at Yo’s and asks him to come back. Riley tries to get Casey to open up, but instead, he runs off to meet Alison, who has just returned from the nursing home with Hunter.


Rosanna pledges her loyalty to Carly. Craig and Carly make love. When Henry has trouble handling Brad and Vienna’s on-air closeness, he dresses in drag and on the air, demands Vienna be fired. Kim asks Henry’s female alter-ego “Miss Swift” to be a regular, but Henry says no. Damian and Meg become stranded on an island for a day, but eventually return home before anyone knows they were missing. Later, Meg sees Bonnie and Dusty kiss, which gives her closure. Although Emily finds papers showing Larry okay’d the transfer of her eggs to Chicago, he adamantly denies he did such a thing. Luke asks Damian for money in order to complete Noah’s film, which Damian happily hands over. Meg accuses Damian of spoiling Luke. Noah discovers that the DVD of his unfinished film has been stolen. Although he’s relieved that he backed all the footage up, he’s still a bit disgruntled.

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