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GH Spoilers: Week of July 27

Lulu to the rescue when Maxie has problems with Spinelli.

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Even though Jax tries to keep Carly from finding out about Michael’s arrest, she sees it on the local news and her bloodpressure reaches dangerously high levels. Carly insists to Jason and Jax, Michael is innocent of the charges against him. Claudia swears the person who caused her accident will pay. Sonny confronts Michael and harsh words are said. Jason and Sam are beginning to believe it was Kristina who caused the accident, not Michael. Sonny feeling bad about what he said to Michael, goes to apologize. Michael decides to run instead of causing more problems for his family. Kristina is feeling guilty because of her involvement and tells Michael is going with him. When Sam tells Alexis she believes Kristina is responsible for the accident, it infuriates Alexis. Michael emails Morgan to tell him, he’s running away, later, Morgan shows the email to Jason. Jason doesn’t tell Carly about Michael’s plans. He and Sam team up to go chase down the runaway kids. Alexis learns of Michael’s plans and blames him for getting Kristina mixed up in all this trouble. She orders Mac to put out an APB on the kids. Alexis spills Michael’s plans to Jax and Carly.

Jason and Sam would be closer to finding Kristina and Michael, if it weren’t for Spinelli tinkering with Jason’s car. Kristina doesn’t mention to Michael the guilt she is feeling over the accident. To appease Carly, Jax encourages Mac to inspect Alexis’ car for damage. Alexis makes a shocking admission. After dealing with an over ambitious police officer, Jason and Sam discover Michael’s car, but no sign of the kids. After ditching the car, Michael and Kristina hurry to buy bus tickets to Mexico. Jax is suspicious of Alexis’ confession and soon realizes what she is up to. Someone else is close on the heels of Michael and Kristina as Jerry has them in his sights.


Maxie is unsure about what to do and confides in Lulu. Lulu encourages Maxie to be honest about her feelings with Spinelli. Maxie is reluctant to tell Mac about Spinelli’s proposal, but is forced to deal with it when she sees Spinelli heading towards Mac. Lulu rescues Maxie when Spinelli is about to ask Mac for Maxie’s hand in marriage.


Sam questions Alexis’ parenting skills. Sonny and Carly agree they are both to blame for Michael’s situation. Edward keeps Nikolas away from Rebecca. Ethan wants another chance with her but Rebecca is not willing to give it to him. Rebecca and Edward are arrested after being pulled over for license plates not belonging to the car Edward was driving. Carly takes notice to the spark between Sonny and Olivia. Lucky and Ethan team up to keep Dominic away from Lulu. Carly warns Olivia to watch out for Sonny’s charming ways.


Claudia vows revenge on the driver responsible for the crash on Monday, July 27.

Olivia admits to Johnny that she’s known about Claudia’s role in Michael’s shooting for months on Tuesday, July 28.

Nikolas arrives at the police station after Edward and Rebecca are arrested on Wednesday, July 29.

Lulu helps Maxie derail Spinelli as he’s about to ask Mac for Maxie’s hand in marriage on Thursday, July 30.

Alexis confides the truth in Diane on Friday, July 31.

COMING SOON: Week of 8/03

Michael and Kristina are headed south of the border. Olivia fights her feelings for Sonny. Jerry plans on using Michael as a pawn to get to Jason. Sonny admits to Claudia he doesn’t know how he feels about her. Things go from bad to worse for Alexis. Dominic flirts with Lulu. Sam’s one step closer to finding Michael and Kristina. Robin’s on a mission to clear Alexis’ name. Dominic is horrified to find Johnny and Olivia together. Jerry stays one step ahead of Sam. Michael and Kristina walk into danger. Diane warns Alexis that the cards are stacked against her. Dominic is hiding a major secret. Sam’s in for a surprise when she finds Michael and Kristina. Spinelli finally has his say with Mac.

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