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GH Spoilers: Week of July 13

Sonny pushes Olivia’s buttons to the breaking point.

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Ethan’s jealousy grows as he watches Rebecca and Nikolas together at Jake’s. Ethan threatens to expose Rebecca if she doesn’t get 10 thousand dollars for him. Rebecca feeling the pressure from Ethan goes to see Edward. Edward agrees to give her the money but with strings attached. Rebecca agrees to move into the Quartermaine mansion for 10 thousand dollars. Ethan goes to see Nikolas, behind Rebecca’s back. Nikolas is not happy when he learns Rebecca is moving into the Quartermaine mansion.


Sonny agrees to give Dominic a second chance to prove himself, but Claudia makes it very clear she doesn’t want Dominic around. She and Sonny fight and he storms out. Sonny goes to see Olivia. He and Olivia get into an argument which ends in a kiss. Sonny knows he gets to Olivia afterward, but she insists there is nothing between them and she will not be tempted to sleep with him. Later, Olivia suggests to Dominic he get out of town. Olivia’s lipstick on Sonny’s collar infuriates Claudia. Dominic suggests to Claudia they team up, but she refuses. Dominic meets with one of his co-horts and gains information that will prove his loyalty to Sonny. Jason asks Sam to do a background check on Dominic, but not before she twists her ankle going up the stairs. Dominic tries to make friends with Jason. Claudia worries about her upcoming amnio, while her brother wonders what Sonny will do if he finds out someone else could be the father of Claudia’s baby.

Sonny pushes buttons when he tells Johnny, Olivia wants to be with him now. Olivia arrives and insists what Sonny says is not true. The more Sonny persists she will be with him, the more Olivia protests she will never be with him again. Later, Claudia undergoes an ultrasound where she and Sonny share an emotional moment. The special moments are over as Sonny and Claudia sit on pins and needles waiting for the paternity test results.


Spinelli is overwhelmed with stage fright as he takes the stage at Jake’s on Karaoke night. After a rocky start, Spinelli finally relaxes and sweeps Maxie off her feet with his voice. After Karaoke at Jake’s, Spinelli and Maxie go back to his room and make love. In the moments after, Spinelli surprises Maxie with a marriage proposal. Spinelli confides in Jason and receives words of advice he may not want to hear. Maxie is not sure what she should do about Spinelli’s proposal until Kate surprises her with a promotion. Maxie declines Spinelli’s marriage proposal. After talking with Max and Diane, Spinelli makes a bold move and takes over the public address system at the Metro Court. He later sets up a romantic evening for he and Maxie, leading her to where she is suppose to meet him by leaving her clues in a poem.


Robin still believes Andrea could be a suspect in Brianna’s murder. Kristina’s new boyfriend gets under Michael’s skin. Carly is thrilled when Jax takes her to see their new house. When Keifer makes trouble for Michael with the country club president, Carly calls Sonny to help her with the situation.


Ethan grows increasingly jealous watching Rebecca and Nikolas together on Monday, July 13.

Maxie and Spinelli make love on Tuesday, July 14.

Edward agrees to give Rebecca the loan she asks for in exchange for her moving in with the Quartermaines on Wednesday, July 15.

Claudia and Sonny share a warm moment during her ultrasound on Thursday, July 16.

Keifer becomes violent when Kristina rebuffs his advances on Friday, July 17.

COMING SOON: Week of 7/20

Claudia gets the news she’d been praying for. Sonny makes another play for Olivia. A potential tragedy is in the making. Claudia and her unborn baby are in jeopardy. Sam becomes suspicious of Kristina. Maxie can’t give Spinelli an answer to his proposal. Sonny and Claudia get news at the hospital. Jason wonders if Michael’s responsible for Claudia’s accident. Carly suddenly collapses. Patrick injures his finger catching Robin when she nearly falls down the stairs. Claudia would rather risk her own life that that of her baby’s. Jax sits vigil by Claudia’s bedside. Things don’t look good for Alexis. Jason is determined to help Michael. Sam realizes Kristina could be guilty of causing the car accident. Claudia’s dreams are shattered.

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