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AMC Spoilers: Week of July 13

Madison makes threats towards The Hubbard family.

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Madison learns the woman who North was having an affair with, was also his killer. She tells Zach she believes Jesse is covering something up and she claims she has destroyed the hotel surveillance tapes. Zach takes the case files Madison gives him and he blackmails Liza into representing Kendall at her trial. Randi begins to feel the pressure. Zach tells Jesse his theory about who killed North and believes Randi is the killer. Madison reveals to Jesse she watched the hotel surveillance tapes and saw Randi going into North’s room. She also tells him, she believes he’s covering up evidence and he is relieved to find out she has destroyed the surveillance tapes. Madison introduces herself to Randi, realizing that she was the greatest love of North’s life. After reviewing North’s notes, Zach and Liza realize there is a child involved and was North’s trump card. Madison harasses Randi, telling her she knows she killed North and later questions the paternity of her baby. Jesse threatens Madison to stay away from his family and to not do them any harm. Frankie receives a mysterious phone call.

Ryan and Aidan both decide to wash their hands of Kendall and Annie. Zach and Kendall begin to argue and it becomes very heated as it ends in a kiss. Zach pulls back from the kiss in the hopes of not falling back into old habits. Kendall expresses her love but he is reluctant to do the same. When Kendall goes to Ryan for comfort, he pushes her away. Emma eavesdrops on a conversation between Ryan and Liza about Annie’s guilt in Stuart’s murder. Emma confesses to Ryan she knows who killed Stuart. Erica points the finger at Annie when D.A. Willis questions her about the murder. Ryan listens as Emma insists Kendall is the killer. Zach doesn’t believe her, but Ryan swears his daughter wouldn’t lie. Kendall questions if Zach still believes in her innocence. Ryan interrupts a phone call between Emma and Annie. Erica confronts Liza about taking on Kendall’s case and wonders if she doesn’t want Zach all to herself. D.A. Willis interrogates Annie about Stuart’s murder. Annie removes her ankle monitor, then goes to see Emma. Annie is surprise to hear that Emma told Ryan it was Kendall who shot Stuart. Ryan is about to discover Annie is visiting with Emma. Erica swears to Zach she will convince Ryan to take Emma out of town before she points the finger at Kendall. Kendall wants to turn herself in and take the plea bargain, but Zach is refuses to entertain the idea.


Marissa offers to help David in proving his theory that Liza’s baby is really his son with Amanda. David gets his hands on Stuart’s DNA. Both David and Amanda admit they feel a connection with Liza’s baby. David receives the results of the DNA test he conducted on baby Stuart. Amanda confronts Jake about the paternity of Liza’s baby. Marissa convinces David he is acting irrational. David swears he’s giving up his obsession after receiving the results of Baby Stuart’s DNA test. He shares the results with Liza and she ponders how Jake was able to pull off the scam. Jake reveals the truth to Amanda about the baby switch and how Liza blackmailed him into doing it. Jake also tells Amanda, Liza believes the child she has is Amanda’s, but Jake switched babies and gave her a different baby. After Jake leaves, Amanda looks in on her son and shares an emotional moment with him. Jake doesn’t want to reveal the truth to everyone and return to Pine Valley with Baby Trevor, but Amanda doesn’t want to be apart from her son ever again.


Brot comes over to get some of his things and it makes Taylor feel uncomfortable. Later, Tad and Taylor discuss what their future holds. JR clashes with Annie. Annie and Adam express their love for one another.


Zach blackmails Liza into representing Kendall on Monday, July 13.

Taylor and Brot have an awkward moment on Tuesday, July 14.

Emma tells Ryan she knows who shot Stuart on Wednesday, July 15.

JR clashes with Annie on Thursday, July 16.

Erica promises Zach she’ll convince Ryan to take Emma out of town before she can tell anyone else about her claim against Kendall on Friday, July 17

COMING SOON: Week of 7/20

Annie forms a new plan. Kendall finds comfort in Zach’s arms. David tells Marissa his marriage is over. Zach and Kendall reaffirm their love for one another. Annie remembers more about the night of the murder. Ryan and Erica hide Emma at a safe house to prevent Willis from questioning her. Jake and Amanda form a new plan. Kendall fails to get Emma to change her story. Zach and Jesse are determined to prove Annie’s guilt. Tad and Taylor grow closer. Kendall sees all hope slipping away. Annie denies Ryan’s accusations. Randi is trapped in a nightmare. Zach and Liza push Ryan too far. Kendall starts to crack under the pressure. Jesse confronts Madison for harassing Randi.

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