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OLTL Previews: Week of July 13


OLTL Spoilers: Week of July 13

Trap is set, but will Stacey fall into it?

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Rex and Gigi reveal it all to Shane, who is happy to have his family back together again. Rex and Gigi hatch a plan to trap Stacey with Shane’s help. When asked, Rex lies to Gigi about sleeping with Stacey. Roxy’s visit leaves Stacey shaken. Gigi fills Brody in on the plans to nab Stacey, while Rex and Shane hurry to cover when Stacey arrives unexpectedly. When Gigi returns home with Michael, Stacey insists they take Shane to the hospital. Rex, Gigi, Shane and Michael keep the charade going when Michael announces Shane has relapsed. Rex sets the trap when he tries to convince Stacey to give Shane another batch of her stem cells to save his life. Stacey panics when Michael wants to begin harvesting her stem cells. Stacey’s vulnerability shows through when she is questioned by Rex about her feelings for him. Gigi and Shane love that their plan to get Stacey is going so well. Stacey gets caught with the frozen blood by Rex. Rex grabs the bag of blood from Stacey as she tries to explain what she’s doing with the frozen blood. Stacey’s heart is broken when Rex tells her she’s delusional if she thinks he will ever leave Gigi, for her. Stacey snatches the bag of blood back from Rex.


Todd and Blair’s share breakfast with the family, but their happiness is cut short when Tea shows up at the house. Blair fuels Tea’s jealousy when she kiss Todd in front of her. Blair gets even with Todd for throwing Tea in her face by hiring a hot, sexy swimming coach for Sam. After accusations fly between Todd and Blair, they end up in bed together. Tea gets an eyeful when she walks in and sees Todd and Blair in bed. Tea doesn’t leave quietly when she rips into Todd for sleeping with Blair. Blair is enjoying the moment too much to help Todd out. Todd refuses to let Tea walk out of his life for good. Tea encounters John at the firing range, but an afternoon of shooting does neither of them any good. Dorian learns of Blair and Todd sleeping together and is not happy to hear the news. Dorian believes that even if Blair doesn’t want Todd, she doesn’t want any other woman to have him either.


Markko’s dad kicks him out of the house because he doesn’t stop seeing Langston. Jessica and Brody learn that he’s been accepted into the Police Academy. Matthew is angry with his parents for not allowing Greg to do the operation. An argument ensues between Clint and Bo over Matthew. Greg tells Destiny he’s leaving town, but later decides to stay a little while longer. Destiny has an idea that could help Matthew. Fish helps Layla settle in on her first day as John’s assistant. Cristian sees Fish kissing Layla. John tells Marty he wants to pick up things where they left off. Rachel helps Cole on his undercover assignment. Starr worries about Cole’s safety while he’s undercover. John and Marty share a kiss.


Rex lies to Gigi, telling her he and Stacy didn’t sleep together on Monday, July 13.

John tells Marty he’d like to pick up where they left off the night Cole was arrested and they come together in a kiss on Tuesday, July 14.

Jessica apologizes to an understanding Starr and Cole on Wednesday, July 15.

Tea rips into Todd when she catches him having sex with Blair on Thursday, July 16.

Dorian surmises that even if Blair doesn’t want Todd, she sure as heck doesn’t want any other woman to have him either on Friday, July 17.

COMING SOON: Week of 7/20

Rex and Gigi are out from under Stacy’s thumb. John and Blair have a bittersweet parting. A close moment between Bo and Nora is interrupted by some shocking news about Matthew. Stacy warns Gigi the fight for Rex is just beginning. Rex wants answers from Roxy. Cristian reads the letter Fish left for Kyle. Stacy gets some unexpected, although thrilling, news. Rex questions Roxy about his father. Starr and Cole spend the night together. Blair’s encounter with Tea ends in a brawl. Bo and Nora confront Matthew about his lawsuit. Shaun jumps to the wrong conclusion about Rachel and Greg. Stacy fantasizes about Rex leaving Gigi for her. Tea thinks Todd’s off his rocker with his latest plan. Rex never plans on letting Gigi know he slept with Stacy.

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