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ATWT Previews: Week of July 13


ATWT Spoilers: Week of July 13

Rosanna confronts Carly about her drinking.

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{xtypo_sticky}Rosanna confronts Carly about her drinking.

Geneva comes onto Brad.

Damian and Dusty make a deal.

Noah has a hard time dealing with his father’s death.{/xtypo_sticky}


After learning that Paul staged the fights between Damian and Dusty, Meg confronts him about it. Meanwhile, Damian gives Dusty the contact information of a guy who works in demolitions. They agree to frame Paul by placing a bomb in Damian’s warehouse and making it look like Paul had set Damian up to take the fall for Dusty’s death. Instead, Damian caves and tells Meg everything. They race to stop Dusty from going through with the plan, but they can’t disable the bomb. Paul takes the bomb and runs.

Dusty’s livid when Damian blames him for the incident. Bonnie finds the demolition man, but he lies that he doesn’t recognize Damian. Margo’s left with no choice but to arrest Dusty. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Bob reveals that he removed a chip, capable of mind control, that was found embedded in Paul’s brain. Barbara suspects James must have implanted it and goes to see her son in recovery. However, Paul doesn’t recognize his own mother when he awakes and Barbara realizes she must turn to an unlikely person for help.


Vienna gets fired after taking too many pain relievers for her back and lashing out at Geneva. But instead of putting his alter ego to rest, Henry dawns the wig one last time. Little does he know, it’s about to cost him his relationship. After finding Carly passed out in the cabin, her family and friend stage an intervention. Craig agrees to take Carly to rehab. Alison confronts Riley over Casey’s sudden attitude change. Holden urges Luke to go back to school. Touched, Luke asks for Holden’s help in doing so. Rosanna gives Craig a warning. Riley attempts to mend Casey and Alison’s broken relationship after learning that Hunter is Alison’s brother, but the plan doesn’t work. Later, Hunter tells Casey he’ll make sure Casey never touches Alison again.

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